Journey demo heading to US PlayStation Store next week

El33tonline writes:

"The latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast contained some good news for people who complained when Journey launched on the PlayStation Store two months ago with no trial or demo."

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EeJLP-2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Pretty sure I already played a Journey demo off the US PS store months ago.

... checked my downloads.. guess not. I know I played a Journey demo, don't remember where though.

Good to see Spec Ops: The Line and Arkham City demos added recently though. Hopefully Spec Ops: The Line impresses.. 1396MB til I find out.

KUV19772257d ago

You probably played the BETA, as a lot of PS-plus-members did months before the game was released.

I really enjoyed the Spec Ops Demo. Gameplay is fluid and graphics are nice. Nolan North as a voice is a plus. If the reviews attest a decent story and length I will most certainly buy it.

stubbed_out2257d ago

Take a risk, be like me (homeless)...just buy the game, don't waste your time with the demo; it's incredible!

Like the name implies, it's about the journey, which happens to be beautiful and weirdly emotional.

Seriously though, great news there's a demo for the masses.

Jio2257d ago

Now there's no reason not to buy the game

Fishermenofwar2257d ago

PSN title being game of the year??? EPIC GAME!!

Whats sad is I'll probably download the Demo even-though I have the game <_____>

AusRogo2257d ago

Didnt want to wait, went and bought it. Dont regret it all, this game is beautiful!

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