Dragon's Dogma review: The most hardcore RPG on consoles | CVG

Capcom delivers a hardcore, rewarding, and authentic role-playing experience

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phantomexe2250d ago

That's what i wanted to here, bring the death.

MrWonderful2250d ago

I like to think that this is what monster hunter woul look like on HD consoles

Double_Oh_Snap2250d ago

Bold statement, I am excited to play this though.

Lord_Sloth2250d ago

Sometimes I wonder if people know what the hell an RPG and an Action game are anymore...

MysticStrummer2250d ago

Sometimes I wonder why some people think their definition of a game genre is the final word that all others must adhere to. An Action/RPG is still a type of RPG. I can't wait until midnight Monday night.

Lord_Sloth2250d ago

And nobody uses the term Action RPG anymore. They just say it's an RPG. I'm all fine with the term IF people use it. They do not.

Rockefellow2250d ago

God, that was painful to read. You figure they could spend a minute or two proof-reading.

gtxgamer22250d ago

Can't wait to buy this! wanna play multiplayer with my friends

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