Diablo 3 Gets Beaten In Six Hours: But What Counts As Beating A Game?

GP Editor Jared discusses the recent uproar over several gamers having beaten Diablo 3 shortly after its release and why the all the fuss about it is ridiculous in the first place.

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kevnb2193d ago

diablo is designed to be played over and over agian with freiends and never get boring.

kreate2193d ago

That was diablo 1 and diablo 2

hay2193d ago

@kreate: Heheh, good one.

@Topic: So, for the sake of defending Diablo we start to invent set circumstances that need to be fulfilled before we can call the game beaten or finished?

To answer question in this article one needs only one brain and several seconds.

In Diablo 3 normal is yawning easy and monsters HP scale +75% per player as I read somewhere, which means it'll be even simpler in coop, hence, shorter experience.

If we take into consideration no-life qualities of some players, we might conclude that they might've go right along the path to kill the red, horned mofo we all love and skip the usual "leave no stone unturned" mantra most of us chant playing Diablo.

Aloren2193d ago

I didn't even beat act1 in 6 hours...When you race to the end, don't get to complain that the journey is too short.

MetalGearMetroid2193d ago

No one was complaining, why don't you learn to read.

Aloren2193d ago

And why don't you take your pills ? did you register just to say that ?
Just cause the article focuses mostly on people debating whether or not the game was actually beaten doesn't mean noone complained that it was too short when they heard it was beaten in a few hours. It was a general statement anyway, still true, even if there's no dude saying "I hereby formally complain that it is too short" in the article.

MetalGearMetroid2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

"What is really unfortunate is the fact that the group isn't claiming the game is bad or anything of the sort. They just wanted people to know that they beat the game in one long play session as a group. But despite not actually being upset about beating the game so soon, they were still attacked just for making the claim."

There you go, Learn 2 read.

Aloren2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Yeah? and ? ... ditto ?

Cause you know, people still complained about the length of the game even though that wasn't the focus and the article, and it was still a general statement that is still true whether or not someone complains about it in the article.

TopDudeMan2193d ago

When you see the end credits, that's it, as far as I'm concerned. I know diablo has multiple difficulties and different characters to try, but once you progress through the story, you've beat it as far as I'm concerned.

scotchmouth2193d ago

Yup that's the difference between beating and completing a game.

NeoTribe2193d ago

You must have never played d2. That's not what the games about but go on with your bad self.

TopDudeMan2193d ago

I still have diablo 2 installed on my computer.

I say when you see the end credits, you can tell people you've beaten it. You disagree? Then you need to take games less seriously.

The makers of the game don't expect everybody to beat it with every character and on the hardest difficulty. Some people just don't have the time or will get bored of the game long before they can do that and will go play something else.