War on File Sharer Following War on Terror

Wired, By David Kravets, January 09, 2008:

It's no secret the nation's largest telecoms are funneling electronic communications to the Bush administration -- all in the name of the War on Terror.

So it should come as no surprise that the Telegiants are now coddling with Hollywood, conjuring up ways to ferret out copyrighted material on the internet -- all in the name of the War on File Sharer.

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P4KY B3988d ago

Anyone who paid to see 'I am Legend' will agree with me.

mighty_douche3987d ago

Thankfully i took the pirate approach to that.

Pfft what a let down, go watch "Omega Man", the original and much better movie.

gamesR4fun3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

File sharing is pretty common now nothings going to change that but still they will become more invasive take away more of our rights and prosecute us beyond reasonable limits... Why? Cause Democracy is dead in NA and Corperacy rules supreme. One fat cat lobbyist has more impact on shaping our laws than the whole general population....
We're so used to getting it up the arse that we just say its the way it is... Rip us off lie to us put us and our children in debt for eternity. Yep Democracy died without so much has a wimper. :(

DRUDOG3987d ago

Not to get all uppity on you, but Omega Man wasn't the original, "The Last Man on Earth" was the original from 1964. I've never seen any of them so I can't comment on which one is the best though :P

mighty_douche3987d ago

i know its not the "orginal" dude, but not many people are willing to watch a movie from the 60's.

I personally have seen both (well all 3) and Omega Man is far and away the best.

Skerj3987d ago

Man truer words have never been spoken, the dog was the best damn actor in the movie. Please I don't wanna get started on all the things I hated in that movie, I wanted my money back and I too saw it for free.

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eyeballpauluk3987d ago

I think there has already been big jumps in trying to cut it down, what with huge sites being shut down...

only prob is...most ppl go over to otehr sites to d/l illegal material! Just perhaps not as many as before, as everytime it happens some ppl dont know another decent site etc etc

But I dont think we will ever get to a place were we have no illegal films/music/games on internet...

Even things like games on steam get cracked...

They will need to find some decent way of identifying where the copy originated from...watermarks of some sort etc if preview copies are sent out or they can see how is doing it and punish them that way...

whether its financially viable is another question...