Japanese Game Developer Apparently Harassed So Much, She Attempted Suicide

In 2009, a twenty-something female joined Osaka-based game developer Capcom. The new employee was assigned to a couple of different games before becoming a member of the team developing Dragon's Dogma, Capcom's upcoming big budget title.

At first things were good. But by that December, things got awful—really awful. According to a recently released lawsuit, the new employee apparently felt so bullied at Capcom that she tried to take her own life.

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Snookies122249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Um yeah, I believe this completely.

Crapcom is the worst, that's all there is to it. Honestly, I hope they go out of business, the only series I care about is Resident Evil but screw that too, as much as I loved the series they've turned it into an action game without ANY horror at all.

I will never buy a new game from them, ever.

fei-hung2249d ago

Jay? Is that you?

Anyhu, I agree with you. Capcom seems to be going from bad to worse this gen.

I haven't bought a new Crapcom game since RE5 and I plan on keeping it that way.

It's amazing how one of the best Japanese developers in the industry can go from hero to zero. Thank God we have the likes of PG and Suda51.

hano2249d ago

I don't know about their business practices but I know their games rock.

That's all.

zeprince2249d ago

Dude, Dudette! whatever, the last Capcom game you bought was RE5!!! ...That speaks volumes about you.

fei-hung2248d ago


Dude/ dudette

Nope, the last NEW game, meaning not preowned.

I have bought Capcom games since then, such as: SSF4, Marvel vs Capcom, RE5:GE and Dead Rising 2, but they have been purchased as preowned.

I will do the same for DMC, RE6 and Asuras Wrath.

DarkSymbiote2249d ago

Capcom just sickens me nowadays.

tigertron2249d ago

Add Square-Enix and Activision to that list too.

VileAndVicious2249d ago

@Dark Symbiote

add EA too.
Infact screw ALL big name developers....

zeprince2249d ago

The best Game developing company is sony-owned Naughty Dog Studio's. They have yet to flop...EVAR!!!

TekoIie2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

This isnt Capcom. I hate the company a ton too but im pretty sure if the CEO heard of this sort of behaviour coming from members of the company he would want them out INSTANTLY.

This is one jackass:

"Even if the database is a success, you are worthless to the team"... Yes this is going to motivate employee's. If her colleagues had any social skills they would have noticed she is going to be depressed after a comment like that is made.

"Between October 20 and November 4, two other superiors began attempting to get the young employee to quit, saying "she's problematic", "she abandons her work", "she skips meetings", and "her ideas stink".

This is a few weeks after the first quote and Capcom as a company isnt to blame but their employee's are. How the hell do you expect her to work after her boss (article doesnt say this persons status in the company so i assume) tells her shes useless when she tried so hard to put effort into the company!

If i am wrong and this is Capcom as a whole to blame then i hope they go out of business! I usually think that anyone who says things like that is immature but i dont think anyone wants a work environment like that.

Its a real shame when people who go out of their way to help a corporation are treated like this. I wish her luck in the future and hope these idiots dont make her lose confidence in herself.

Neoprime2249d ago Show
rezzah2249d ago


I marked you down for being immature.

What you said is no different than saying anyone with a certain skin colour should be bullied or beaten because they are a waste of life or whatever else you would like to claim.

You are using your own beliefs as a means for violence, thus calming your sense of justice. But beliefs and justice vary from person to person. What you think is right makes you intentionally want to hurt another, but there are no rights and wrongs. Your beliefs is not the issue, but violence being the answer for you is.

I say if you want to beat up someone for buying a game then make sure you get yourself beat up first before passing on the pain to another. Hopefully then you could understand what your belief really causes; even witnessing the pain of another first hand is not on par with being the one who is actually receiving pain.

VileAndVicious2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

"I'm going to probably get in trouble for this but I don't care, I think anyone caught buying capcom products should be bullied or attacked just to teach them a lesson and try to make sure the company doesn't make any profit."

Because God forbid anyone have a different opinion than you. Also you dont want to see a company make any profit? Some innocent average honest people work there and Capcom is their lively hood. Why not just hope Capcom make better games? Your pretty immature man.

Flavor2249d ago

Its all about Japanese culture. here in America, bullies in the adult working world are rarely seen outside menial labor and antisocial asshats. But in Nippon, bullying is not only common but encouraged and acceptable to weed out the ones who don't conform.

Also, senior level executives, managers or just people who have 'made it' and are secure in their positions treat everyone under them like garbage and do NOT listen to them for advice or input. That's why you see the same old names popping up in game design over there.. they don't make room for new talent, they don't innovate.

There are very few successful startups in the Japanese tech industry because of the stigma of 'failure' - in silicon valley, people fail and go under all the time, but they get right back up again and find funding. In Japan, you get one shot and if you fail, then nobody will lend you money or take you seriously.

Oh and also.. Japanese society is misogynistic to the extreme. Women are expected to be furniture, decoration, and playthings for the Man. You think its like that in the states but brother, you have no idea. AKB48 will tell you all you need to know about this bunch.

Goes a bit to explain why their country is in such bad shape.

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Blackdeath_6632249d ago

it serves them right. if you disregard the consumer, the consumer will disregard you. the payed no attention to the fans who in the end walked away and left capcom with jack sh*t.

the Devil May Cry HD remake will be the last capcom game i ever buy(my ps2 died on me so i can't play on it anymore)

StraightPath2249d ago

yeah right you will be playing RE6 so dont just pretend.

SilentNegotiator2249d ago

I don't like Capcom, so I'm going to assume their employees sexual harass each other, simply because a lawsuit is pending.

That's fair, right? What does the employee have to gain, anyway, other loads of money?

Aither2249d ago

I wouldn't blame this solely on Capcom, the Japanese businesses are discriminatory against women all around. Why even in the 1980's - 1990's Japan had a major trouble getting into the American industry because they had a ton of lawsuits from American women that were treated indecently and unfairly by Japanese business men. This discrimination continues today over in Japan so this doesn't surprise me in the least.

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b_one2249d ago

Irony, just when dragons dogma is about to release they starting throwing shit

dangert122249d ago

None of us know what the truth Is but I get this feeling CAPCOM just does not understand how to treat people right.

This is not saying they are guilty I don't I said it's just a feeling

FlashXIII2249d ago

Well if Capcom can't treat the ones who pay their bills right, what chance do their expendable employees have?

supremacy2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Let alone their customers.

Cablephish2249d ago


We are the ones who pay their bills :P

killcycle2249d ago

They understand how to treat people right completely.

They just choose not to.

WeskerChildReborned2249d ago

Capcom is just trying to make themself look bad. I mean on disk DLC, overpriced RE6 limited edition, and now people killing themselves? tsk tsk tsk.

Kran2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Don't forget obvious spelling mistakes on packaging.

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