The 10: Game Features That Need To Die

Sunflower writes:

"10. Useless confirmation screens

When I’m busy on a quest to find the red keycard to open the door, why are you asking me if I want to pick up the red keycard? It’s one thing to ask someone if they have to deal with item management, but even then, key items should not be tied to your inventory. Honestly – if I decide not to pick up the red keycard, what else am I going to do? Would there be any upside to not picking up this keycard?"

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DarkSymbiote2255d ago

Number 8 is stupid. I can't read all dialogue in a few seconds, oddly number 2 mentions QTEs. Isn't this a QTE?

Number 6 is all your fault.

Number 4 is good when implemented into the game properly.

Number 3 is required to be implemented or the game will create gigantic save files.