Max Payne 3 Review - One Of The Best Stories In Video Game History | MMGN writes: After years of waiting and months of teasing, Max Payne 3 is here for the masses. How does an older, wiser Max and his adventure in Brazil live up to his previous outings? Is it as amazing as Rockstar would have us believe?

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LOGICWINS2280d ago

The story is mindblowing! Uncharted is a great franchise that shows how gaming can come to replace action/adventure movies...but Max Payne 3 has set a new bar. Uncharted is a cliche happy go lucky treasure hunt globetrotting adventure with one clear bad guy and one clear good guy. In this respect, it suceeds, but Max Payne 3 tackles a mature/culturally relevant storyline with such an expertly crafted delivery. The emotional range that Max shows this time around marks the greatest performance by a protagonist in a videogame that I've ever experienced. Sarcasm, sharp wit, intelligence, cunning, male gusto, vulnerability, despair...Max has every element that makes the perfect gaming lead.

clarkjudo2280d ago

I am now just ready to start the second disk. And so far I am impressed as you are. Anyone who gave this game less than 9 should be ashamed of themselves.

One thing I noticed. It is something with the large subtitles that seem to let me know those words are tied in somewhere. Like telling me there is something wrong between certain family members coming down the road early on in the game. Just by paying attention to the larger subtitles. I could be wrong but we will see.

Hufandpuf2280d ago

That made me want to play the game so bad. I need money now.

iistuii2280d ago

Cool, mines just been delivered & im waiting, itching as its being installed....

clarkjudo2279d ago

... sweating bullets too I imagine? LOL

coolbeans2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I'm just honestly not sure if these comparisons with Uncharted are called for. I mean...if anyone knows plots/stories, they'll know Uncharted doesn't hold any strengths beside the light-hearted comedic adventure scripts (most of which only gets credit by being supported by the interplay with mo cap) and the storytelling through great presentation values.

If you say Payne 3 surpasses Rockstar's other recent works, like GTAIV's unflinching narrative or RDR's realist western tale, then you'll have me excited :).

Spydiggity2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

The first thing i thought of when i played this game was that it's pretty obvious that Rockstar went after the biggest story and set piece-driven third person shooter franchise this generation and set out to outdo it. and boy did they

the action sequence on the boat was infinitely more exciting than the car sequence in the first and second uncharted (i can't remember what uncharted 3's moment like that was...maybe the horse chase?). and i think the burning building sequence was hint that rockstar really wanted to take the crown from naughty dog.

whether or not they succeeded is up to every individual, but for my money, you get a much better game. and who knows what the sales will reflect. i'm pretty disappointed in how few ppl seem to be playing the multiplayer...but i think it'll slowly grow a following when ppl see how the perk/adrenalin system really adds something to the third person shooter.

EDIT: the problem with uncharted is that the series has gone stale. they just use the same formula over and over. I played through Uncharted 1 about 4 times. Uncharted 2 at least twice. but by the time i finished 3, i just lost interest. i don't even really remember it. i tried to play through it again, and the "platforming" just got to me. it's basically just filler to make the game longer...same with the puzzles that solve themselves.

Rockstar did away with the filler crap, streamlined the game down to what it's strengths are, and made the 3rd person shooter i want to play. the destructible environments and the slow-motion final kill camera control are just icing on an already incredibly delicious cake.

Patriots_Pride2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

He is just comparing a great story game to another great story game.

If anything its a compliment to UC - its not like he is comparing UC to Killzone or Gears which would then be an insult.

You dont have to feel offensive everytime some one says something about the PS3 or its games.

Just play games dude and dont let comments like this get you mad.

Edit: When you play the game you will understand why he made such comparisons.

coolbeans2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

-"He is just comparing a great story game to another great story game."

I get the point of comparing great story GAMES, but the stories themselves don't give weight to comparison since they're both rooted in different genres. A comparison between either R*'s other recent creations or the previous Max Payne titles would be a more legitimate comparison.

-"You dont have to feel offensive everytime some one says something about the PS3 or its games."

I'm at a loss for words on this.

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JoeReno2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

thats it! this Saturday night this game and I have a date. sounds like she is a sure thing ;-)

MYSTERIO3602280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I initial didn't expect much from this game as i thought that the original games were perfect and capped of the series in a nice way in 2. However i was surprised to see Rockstars slant on the series was on par if not better then the previous entries before it. They were really able to meld good story and dialogue amongst good action set pieces and take the series in a new direction. Great game havent finished it yet but im hoping rockstar make another.