Diablo III Backlash: This Is Why I Can't Stand PC Gaming

PC gaming can be annoying and one PSXE staffer says he can't stand the whole thing. Diablo III is only more reason to avoid it.

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caboose322318d ago

"The worst part is that there doesn't appear to be anywhere near enough rage and ire over this"

Metacritic user score: 3.8

I'm pretty sure a lot of people are raging over this

Godmars2902318d ago

Are people returning the game? Are there class action lawsuits being filed? Where are the discussions on the real issue: online DRM?

Sure people are raging, but they're not doing it in a constructive manner.

kevnb2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

because the game is damn good and the drm makes sense for this game, we cannot have cheaters. It has to be treated like an mmo or any other online game period. Anyone who argues otherwise has never played a game like this online.

NeoTribe2317d ago

Most people arnt raging over the score because nobody cares, there all playing d3 and could care less wuts goin on around em. Meta score isn't gonna keep diablo from being amazing and selling millions more .001/10, won't change its success one bit.

caboose322317d ago

Yea, well I think the game is awesome, but the community seems to be very split on the game, and I can see why. But I personally am enjoying the game.

pr0digyZA2318d ago

"The worst part is that there doesn't appear to be anywhere near enough rage and ire over this"

Lol go onto their website, go onto there are people giving it 0 left right and centre. This guy needs to go to other websites.

StayStatic2318d ago

"I'm fairly certain this whole mess likely wouldn't hit a big console entry."

Skyrim on the PS3

"And I'm certain I won't have to wait twelve years for Uncharted 4. Which, by the way, will probably blow any PC game out of the water, anyway."

Uncharted is no where near the scale of a big PC game like Diablo 3 and no it won't blow it out the water but will most likely be a good game also.

kevnb2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

"And to be honest, I freely admit that I'm not intimately familiar with the problems surrounding the Diablo III launch."
stopped right there. Like most of the "haters" on the web, he shouldn't even be talking about the game. and messes are always happening on console games, street fighter vs tekken is a huge mess, socom 4 was a huge mess, the whole playstation network was a huge mess, every call of duty game is a huge mess at first, skyrim on ps3 is a huge mess, the xbox 360 hardware itself was a huge mess, and do I really have to go on?

solar2318d ago

That quote is why i hate that console gamer. Forming an opinion and not having a clue about what he is ranting about. Idiots.

Si-Fly2317d ago

Not sure how you lost your bubbles buddy, you speak a lot of sense :)

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