Man chokes puppy for chewing on his video game wires

In Doylestown, Pennsylvania, a man who choked a puppy that was later euthanized must continue seeing a mental health therapist, and perform 100 hours of community service. According to a report from The Associated Press, police said that Jonathan Allison choked his 8-week-old Beagle because it chewed on his video game wires.

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Relcom3927d ago

Seriously choking and ultimately killing a little puppy for some insignificant wire? I'd choke his weak a$$.

Lifendz3927d ago

hold him down, have him watch all his games get chewed by dogs, and then choke him.

JsonHenry3927d ago

Meh, its just a dog. No one cries about the hamburger or chicken sandwich they just ate. While I certainly agree the man probably needs mental help... it is just an animal. No reason to string the guy up for it.

If my dog did that though... I would do the RIGHT THING, spray the cords heavily with Lysol spray so it tastes nasty and would choose not to chew on them again. Then I would choke the little bastard!!! Lol, j/k, but really. : )

Seriously - this guy does need mental help.

bootsielon3927d ago

After all, you're just a person. I mean, a person who's completely irrelevant to me... so if someone in the street actually strangles you, who gives a f*ck? I mean sure, the strangler may need help, but it shouldn't go so far as to jail him, since after all, you only matter to your family.

Hell, I say let's kill a million animals just for fun. After all, they don't matter, they're just animals.

dmeador3926d ago

They do you idiot, it's called hunting. When people blow a hole in a deer's heart, then post its head on a wall, its all fine and dandy. Many people just throw out the rest of the body. What do you think would happen if people did that to a dog? I agree he probably needs help, but his punishment is a little harsh.

WilliamRLBaker3926d ago

He deserved what he got and they should have done worse to him, too many people in this first batch of comments are all HUNTING, oh hunting! oh chicken! oh cows....
Guess what? most chickens are killed instantly...cows? the same its not like they are laborisly tortured....this puppy? it was, the guy strangled it and probably hit the poor thing to the point they had to put it to sleep...thats toture...torture is wrong.

And you guys dont know a single thing about hunters IT IS ILLEGAL to shoot an deer and not use all if not most of its meat in nearly every state in this country, Nearly all hunters actually use all the meat, they only put the head up of prize bux or animals not the smaller ones but they use the meat, I've eaten venicin many times and its a good meat dont talk as if you know any thing, a good hunter goes for a heart shot and thats instant death.

This is way different its called strangling a puppy and possibly beating it to the point it must be put to sleep....they should make the guy watch all his video games get destroyed.

OR give them to the needy.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3927d ago

I'll choke the guy with this own video game wires.

TrevorPhillips3927d ago

this is all bull5H!T just to ban games enough stop making 5H!T just to bann video games like 2 babysitters use mortal kombat moves on a little girl thats bull5H!T i rekon and man kills his son for breaking a game just stop u stupid ass idiots ur made up stories will never ban video games ok so get over it and live with it.

Statix3927d ago

Right, because people have nothing better to do but to make up stories against videogames all day.

By the looks of it, you and the puppy-choking asshole are of the same ilk. Idiot.

Meus Resistance3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

Choking dogs is cool.

I even choke myself sometimes, as it's sexually arousing.

Winter47th3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

That's just disgusting and makes me sad, the pic made matters worse..

I'm gonna go make me some waffles to cheer me up.

FirstknighT3927d ago

Alot of fuc*ing idiots in this world.

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