Famitsu’s Most Wanted: Issue 1224

Gematsu: "Resident Evil 6 remains on top in this week’s Famitsu’s Most Wanted. Positions one through eleven are actually exactly the same as last week – not one move. Significant moves this week include: Toki to Towa (#12 → #16), Mario Tennis Open (#18 → #12), Rune Factory 4 (#19 → #13), The Last Remnant (#13 → #20), and Atelier Ayesha (#30 → #31)."

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Godmars2902251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Who keeps voting for Last Remnant on the PS3?

Also calling Super Robot Wars OG canceled. Damnit.

Stunt2250d ago

It's not. Producer provided an update a few days ago.