The Downfall of HD-DVD

For those with a sense of humour: Amusing redemption of what the HD-DVD camps must have been going through when they heard of Warner's, "defection." Definitely worth the watch...

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C_SoL3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

i was about to post this....oh well, good vid....really worth checking out.....

I wonder what he's really saying.....what movie is this? i wanna see it...

haha, AGREED...

thanks man, i shall check it out.....

Winter47th3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

And another one bites the dust :D

On a serious note, this must be how every * $h!tty Accessory " owner reacted when he heard the news, oh well, they still have Blades of Glory to look forward to.

And the movie's called "The Downfall: Hitler and the End of the Third Reich", an awesome flick that you wouldn't wanna miss.

TheTwelve3926d ago

This is extremely funny, especially if you've taken the time to watch the great movie before hand. Well done.


socsca3926d ago

Its called Der Untergang and its a very good movie, see it. Like the guy above me said, it makes this video even more funny, and funny it is!

xhi43927d ago

rofll hillariouss

btw to the reporters shut up srsly 'gotta stop the propoganda'......the propoganda? haha its a viral funny movie mate relaxx. N4G Guidelines = approved if interesting to an individual as a gamer.......yupp dis is some funny shi** n its damn sure interesting to me as a gamer. So please........stop whining about ur hd-dvd purchase and laugh......just smile and laugh. lol =D

power of Green 3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

Fanatical Sony fanboys that have given this story their approval as if Blu-ray has improved their lives abusing the rules.
xhi4 (1) - 1 minute ago
SynGamer (1) - 3 minutes ago
Vip3r (2) - 17 minutes ago
jonnyvito (1) - 19 minutes ago
C_SoL (1) - 19 minutes ago
Winter47th (1) - 20 minutes ago

Vip3r3927d ago

Members who cried over this story.

Other: (8 minutes ago)
Suck me.
Reported by: power of Green

Other: (21 minutes ago)
oh shut up.....
Reported by: C_SoL

Spam: (24 minutes ago)
Got to stop posting propaganda Bull Sh!t on this site, get alife man you're acting like Blu-ray has changed your life and HD-DVD owners are some sort of sub-class of people to be mocked.
Reported by: power of Green

Spam: (28 minutes ago)
not related to gaming.. and user-made youtube video
Reported by: The Round Peg

C_SoL3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

ur gonna cry about it???

@Viper:I was telling the ones that were crying about this video to shut up....

titntin3927d ago

Comon guys - the squabbling is silly.

For the record I also reported it, as I don't believe a user made utube video is a worthy news item (I don't believe in user blogs either unless its a known industry figure).

I do however find the video amusing, and I am generally happy that Blu Ray has won the format war.

I guesss the point I'm trying to make is: you can approve and report stories without it being some kind of political statement, and I do wish a few more of our contributers made decisions based on news worthiness and keeping the site relevant, rather than political alliegences.
I guess I can dream! :)

Vip3r3926d ago

I know. I was reffering to the other 'individuals'.

beoulve3926d ago

Other: (8 minutes ago)
Suck me.
Reported by: power of Green

Hahhhahahahahahaa!!! Everybody love this video! POGOwned!!

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power of Green 3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

When does it end?, should gamers post sh*t like this no matter what the console, electronic or topic is?.

Could this have a snow balls chance in hell of being posted if it were about anything Sony fans support?(not the point though its not news worthy). lol

mighty_douche3927d ago

LOL.... honest to god i bet they're starving africans who moan less than you!

xboxman3927d ago

Your a loser with no penis!

socsca3926d ago

Your a loser with no penis!"

ROFL, seriously funny stuff.

InMyOpinion3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

I'm thinking about posting pictures of my d!ck. Since it has been inside the mouth of Ken Kutaragi, Bill Gates(sloppy), Hideo Kojima(skilled), Major Nelson and many more I feel it is kinda game related...

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