5 Games That Need Movies

Remember that Super Mario Bros. movie? Yeah, sorry for bringing that up. Remember that Halo movie that was being made? Yeah, we all wanted that. Travis Freese of lists five games that need movies.

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WeskerChildReborned2252d ago

I think a Metal Gear Solid movie would be interesting.

Welshy2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Unless Kojima wrote and directed it, with David Hayter as Snake, IMO it would be a steaming pile.

Kojimas ideas and plots are way over the majority of Hollywood's head and it would just get massacred.

Even if they got the perfect director on it, hearing any other voice after growing up for 14 years with Snake as David Hayter would be plain wrong.

guitarded772252d ago

If Kojima made a movie it would be 84hrs long. :D

Sometimes I think I'd love it if they made a Mass Effect movie, but anytime they make a movie of based on something good, they just end up ruining it. Case in point: GI Joe... what was done to the franchise was blasphemous on so many levels.

ATi_Elite2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

1. HALF LIFE = (The Purchase Brothers have already made a couple Outstanding fan films that capture the true essence of HL, just give them a bigger budget)

2. STALKER = (Just film it in Pripyat and Chernobyl and fans would fill the theaters just to see their favorite Radiation Zone! Ridley Scott would make this Awesome)

3. ZELDA = (give it the Peter Jackson and let him do his thing, Easy Money, seriously Easy Money)

4. RED DEAD REDEMPTION = (Let Clint Eastwood direct it and have top notch character actors)

5. GRAND THEFT AUTO = (Jason Statham in the lead role, Oh wait they already made Crank and Crank 2!!!)

6. MASS EFFECT = (this one is Easy as it would just be the new Star Trek, I'm sure Michael Bay would get this one DARN)

7. UNCHARTED = (The One EVERYONE wants made as it would be the new Indiana Jones, use Mark Walhberg and us GAMERS will burn Hollywood down!)

No HALO or METROID cause they would totally screw it up as the game depends so much on the main character and Hollywood would all of a sudden have Master chief or Samus falling in Love, have some lame sidekick character, or totally detract from the games but then again I can see them using Mila Jovovich as Samus!

Lilioups2252d ago

where is metal gear?
wtf that guy choosing red dead and dead space lol

Lilioups2252d ago

choose hello kitty next time

WeskerChildReborned2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Red Dead and Dead Space both have good storys so they won't be that bad if they were movies unless the directer make's the movie shitty.

user54670072252d ago

Dead Space

Issac Clarke - Joshua Jackson

...Make it happen EA

Pintheshadows2252d ago

He's an annoyingly handsome barsteward. I'd like to steal and wear his face.

Good call though. I like Joshua Jackson in Fringe. He's no Walter Bishop though.

Welshy2252d ago

I see Walter Bishop like a less sane, older Otacon.

When either of the above cry, you feel a manly tear brewing.

Off topic, but when Sunny asks Otacon where Uncle Snake is, and he replies "snake had a hard life... he needs some time to be alone *wipes tears*"

It shames me not to admit several manly tears flowed...

Blastoise2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Heres my list of games that need movies
Movies to games rarely works well, and it doesnt often work out well the other way around either. All i know is if my favourite game was on the big screen it would probably end up as a disappointment, so I'd rather they just left it.

Moby-Royale2252d ago


I enjoyed that. :)

I did enjoy that Doom movie.

Urban's the man. :)

Blastoise2251d ago

Glad you liked it :P
Yeah there is the odd exception. I thought the silent hill movie was pretty good.

BitbyDeath2252d ago

List needs more God of War.

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