Resistance series gets big discounts

An online retailer is currently offering substantial discounts for three Playstation 3 games: Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3.

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cpayne932320d ago

Those prices aren't that great. You can get R1 at gamestop for 5, R2 for 10, and R3 for 30.

Horny2320d ago

No deal here, I payed 20 for R3. Great game btw.

spunnups2320d ago

agreed, highly underrated

CanadianTurtle2320d ago

If you want a FPS with actual good gameplay and less "clipping onto enemies," and outstanding single player campaigns, its resistance.

Redcrimson1012320d ago

Agreed cpayne! I went to Gamestop couPle of weeks ago and got all resistance for the same price!! Great games indeed.

It's a shame how insomniac gave up on the series, I mean hey, come on, even great games sometimes don't move units! R3 came out a little too Kate and around the time when MW3 and battlefield3 was around the corner.

This is what insomniac should do instead of giving up! Start a new resistance saga with a different timeline line that takes place in modern times! I'm a huge resistance fan and I want them to keep on making resistance but for now they can give it a rest.

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