Diablo 3's Launch Fiasco Proves Video Game Journalism Fails

Gaming Blend "As usual, the major gaming websites and industry-reliant video game journalists are tooting their own horns, telling their readers to "shut up" and wait or do something else instead of being frustrated that the $60 product they just bought doesn't work."

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rawrockkillz2280d ago

Servers are going good now. This game is amazing!

vortis2280d ago

I wonder if IGN will toss up an "entitlement" article just for good measure over the weekend?

Drekken2279d ago

Exactly. The servers have been fine since launch. First night had some hiccups, but seriously WHO CARES? The game is addicting and amazing. Get over it!

morganfell2279d ago

Who cares? Diehard Diablo II players and anyone else that laments the casual bastardization of core gaming.

BrutallyBlunt2279d ago

So are casuals the only ones who buy games anymore because if Diablo III ends up selling more than previous games chances are Blizzard will cater more and more to these groups. Why wouldn't they? Have the hardcore gamers simply vanished when it comes to actual purchases. Have they spent all their money on hardware and don't want to pay for the software on PC games?

We are in this position because the PC industry is trying to curb piracy. Do I agree with having to always be signed in? No but that is the direction we are headed.

Chucky20032279d ago

this mentality of yours is of a sheep,but what happens when the servers will be down again?what will happen if an error on their servers will make you loose your save?,what will happen when your internet is down?things like this happen all the time,what if i want to play it on my laptop,on a train,i'll tell you what,you will look at the fucking game box, basically you don't own your game

Anon19742279d ago

That's not what I'm hearing from my friends regarding this game (I haven't tried it yet myself. I have too many other games vying for my attention at the moment). Last night I saw three people I know complaining that they'd take a bathroom break to come back and find they'd been disconnected from the servers and were unable to get back on. They were also mentioning to each other their lag issues.

Maybe it's a regional issue but certainly from what I'm hearing it's not all smiles and sunshine yet for all users.

BrutallyBlunt2279d ago

Well Chucky, that's the way it is isn't it? My PS3 stays signed on, my XBox360 is always connected and so on. Like isaid, the always online is the way things are headed. So get out of the backwoods with your 2nd cousin and get with the times.

Cloud gaming is growing not shrinking. Online services like Steam are very popular and many stay connected. Other services like Onlive and Gaika will also have their market. Don't like it pull out your NES and tell us what a hardcore gamer you are.

As I said, I don't agree with having to stay online but the PC market struggles most with piracy. Have a better idea on how to curb it let us know how.

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Kamikaze1352280d ago

I won't read the article, but....." telling their readers to "shut up" and wait or do something else instead of being frustrated that the $60 product they just bought doesn't work."

This is a bad thing? Gamers should know not to expect smooth sailing from a game so reliant on servers on launch date; especially considering how big of a game Diablo 3. Telling people to wait a few days is actually the best advice. It's not like the game is going anywhere anytime soon and no matter how hard people rage, they will be playing D3 regardless.

But yeah...if the article is just going on what I quoted, then it's purely ignorant. If it isn't going on what I quoted, then disregard this post :P

CarlosX3602280d ago

I don't think gaming websites told them to "shut up," but it's the attitude that some of these outlets have with these kinds of articles.

vortis2279d ago

Uh yeah, VG 24/7 did tell people to "shut up"

CarlosX3602279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

@Vortis, I don't see "Shut Up" anywhere. But your link proves my point: It's all about attitude.

Not that it's a good thing.

EDIT: Now I see "shut up" in the comments, but that's a USER, not a moderator or administrator. Er. The writer, or a writer.

vortis2279d ago

Eh, I copied the wrong part of the link, check out this part of the article further up:

"Shut up. Seriously, stop whining."

Hmm, very sound advice. I'll remember that the next time I buy a car that doesn't have a working engine or a house with faulty plumbing. I'll just say "Me...shut up, seriously, stop whining".

NYC_Gamer2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

It doesn't surprise me....many so called journalist are just shills of major publishers/scared to be black listed and to lose their site ad space profit......Blizzard should have been better prepared for the millions of gamers who brought their game for 60 bucks....

neutralgamer192279d ago

Total hypocrisy how when certain games were reviewed if there were online problems their score suffered. But some of these same sites didnt let diablos online issues affect the score smh.

vortis2279d ago

That's a good point.

Just recently Orion Dino Beatdown didn't work "out of the box" and look how the reviewers treat that game? It's actually a fun title that was made on a $50,000 budget. Diablo III comes from a company with $4 billion in capital...I don't even think we need to draw comparisons on the kind of quality we should expect from one or the other.

CLOUD19832279d ago

Video Game Journalism Fails when u hear that big VG sites get money from publishers to put high scores, D3 belong to a company that makes over 1.1 billion $/year so ofc most sites lick their @@ all the time putting near perfect scores to any game they make.

I am still w8ing for this 1 site that will rate this garbage what it truly deserve w/o licking Blizzards @@, and when I find it it's going to be one of my favorites and respect & trust it much more that all those big name review sites out there most ppl check to decide if one game is worth buying.

kostchtchie_2279d ago

indeed video game journalism? what is that /s -some these sites should be shut down, how many other games got bashed to high heaven for this, yet here we have blizzard getting free card like a lot other so called big name developers

sjaakiejj2279d ago

I don't really think Blizzard needs to pay any journalist money to give their game a good score.

1. Diablo is actually a good game, and it would get high scores regardless
2. Diablo will sell millions regardless of the score it gets due to its huge following (think about it: over 2 million pre-orders at retail + the pre-purchases on Blizzards website)

If you want to trust some no-name site because they give a bad score to a game you never even tried, be my guest.

reznik_zerosum2279d ago

CLOUD1983 is trolling like mad about how d3 sucks and blizz are sellouts,ignore him,game is great like first two

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