GNT Review: Squid Grips for the PlayStation3

When I received my Squid Grips my only hopes was that it might allow me to play games on my PlayStation 3 without ending up with regular hand cramps. But I didn’t have any expectations about the product nor could have expected my results.

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dubt722168d ago

Who the hell has to wipe their hands because they are sweating so profusely with their controller???

DoomTater2168d ago

I don't know about you but my hands get pretty sweaty during intense boss battles and stuff like that.

Spitfire_Riggz2168d ago

With me its more because I eat and game and even though I try to keep my hands clean they still get oily and my hands start slipping

jeeves862167d ago

When you hold something for a long time, if you hold it tightly, it's actually pretty common for your hands to sweat. Some people don't like that feeling and feel the need to wipe their hands off.

Unless you like gaming with sweaty palms.

jeeves862167d ago

I think an actual image of the product would have worked wonders with this review. If you're wondering what they actually look like: