Next Gen Consoles?

Are next Gen Consoles really what we need NOW ? I mean the PS3 still hasn’t tapped it’s peak, while the 360 is at a great standing point. What haven’t we touched yet ? Power ? CPU ? Graphics ? Let’s think for a second, Sony/SCEA and Microsoft, neither have actually understood what makes the systems or games, the fans. While they don’t have to appeal to everyone they still have yet to reach their peak of gaming. Bringing in a new gen console is a good move or either’s part at the moment.

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Yi-Long2197d ago

... they would have to be backwards compatible for me to pick them up when they are released, cause that way it's a nice way to replace my current consoles which are a bit old (both Phat 360 and PS3) and running out of HDD space...

Also, they would need to come with a proper internal HDD.

I'm not buying a console without a HDD cause then you know they'll release a new model within 2 years that WILL have a HDD.

I wouldn't mind next-gen arriving in 2012/2013, but it really just depends on if it will offer value-for-money.

Ken222197d ago

Next gen i except to be able to use external hard drives like we will be able to with the Wii U.

GamingPerson2197d ago

So far it seems everyone wants pc features and don't want consoles to be like a pc..

darthv722197d ago

There is a difference in the meaning of those two words.

Do we "need" next gen? No as the proof is still showing in upcoming releases. Games are being made now that exceed the look and feel of the games that were initially released and it is the same hardware responsible for both then and now.

I fully believe the skills of the programmers eventually catch up to the abilities of the platforms (and some times exceed the limitations). Good example is the Genesis. I saw things on that platform that it WASNT supposed to do. Gunstar heroes had many software tricks to make it appear as if they were natural to the platform. That is real talent of the programers...not the hardware.

This gen of hardware is still relevant when it comes right down to creating games that are not only graphically impressive but also contain real depth of play.

Now in the case of "want" for next gen. by all means I want a next gen system right now. I think that gaming should stay ahead of the curve. By that I am referring to new ways to play and interactivity that traditional gaming simply lacks. Sure they can increase the processing power and memory capacity and even the media format capacity but those things dont really change the way the game is played.

People scoffed at nintendo with the wii but the wii really was a game changer (for a while). Problem with the wii that has plagued the other platforms is there wasnt a consistent enforcement of the change of play. Games came out that used the features but eventually those games started getting fewer and fewer.

If the sole purpose of a platform is the entertain and doing it that is different than the rest you would think that would be the focal point to stand behind. Kinect isnt much of a game changer and neither is move. They are after thoughts.

If the next gen is to really be "next gen" then they need to support whatever play mechanics they come out of the gate with and demand that games made for it be just as supportive. No more of this retreating back into the safe zone of traditional gaming. I really want something different that (in my) 30+ years of playing has NEVER tried before.

For that, current gen just aint cutting it. It has to be next gen all the way.

ShaneMullikin2197d ago

I am really excited for more information to come out about the next gen of consoles. However, I am very content with my ps3 and 360 for now and hope we have a few more years left.

NYC_Gamer2197d ago

New consoles are needed to get many gamers excited again

_Aarix_2197d ago

Really? Gamers are Pissing their pants over borderland 2, halo 4, the last of us, gta5, cod bo2, bioshock infinite and tomb raider. I think this generation is doing just fine.

WeskerChildReborned2197d ago

Yea but we wan't some improved gameplay and physics.

TekoIie2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

You should have put in The last of us. That woulda got people excited again ;)

Brosy2197d ago

I'm ready for the next gen. This gen has been good but it's getting long in the tooth.

mewhy322197d ago

Oh I don't know. There are still plenty of great games coming to console and the limits of what can be done are still expanding I mean, look at Witcher 2 for Xbox. That game was originally designed to work on a high end gaming pc and it rocks on Xbox. Then there's the new one from Naughty Dog "The last of us". That game looks to push the ps3 too. Don't forget Halo 4 either. I mean, I think the current gen still has come life left in it.

Bigpappy2197d ago

I have evolved to the position: that I would buy a next-gen console this year if it has significant performance over current gen, and is not too expensive.

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