Diablo 3 Video Review | ClevverGames

Lasercorn of ClevverGames reviews Diablo 3. As there is not yet a multiplayer, no score is given. However there is a an opinion summary at the end.

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DarkSymbiote2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

How can he even call it a review when he is only on chapter 2? It should be a progress report or so. Oh well, at least he understands that online in an offline game is dumb.

arjman2320d ago

Diablo 3 releasing is like the second coming for PC game reviewers, he was likely pressured to do a review for it since it's hot news. That explains why he refused to give it a score at the end.

DarkSymbiote2320d ago

True, but the title is misleading.

kevnb2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

the online requirement isnt just for piracy, its for cheaters and the fact the game isnt really ever single player even if you can solo. Cheaters really hurt diablo 2, im glad they are doing more to stop them now. Diablo must be treated like any mmo or online game.