OXM UK: Dragon's Dogma Review - "a rough diamond"

OXM UK: "This is a Japanese role-playing game that's trying to appear Western, and at first glance that makes it look hopelessly bland - compelling you to traipse around a dull-green world fighting goblins and ogres with swords and magic. Don't be fooled: this is one of the most interesting, exciting games we've played in years."

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DaThreats2321d ago

Diamonds are rough...
and are created in rough ground..

The_Devil_Hunter2320d ago

I pre-ordered this earlier this month, I cant wait. It seems really fun but at the same time Im not an RPG fan, I loved the demo though, I like the action and the whole idea of Japanese producing a westernized RPG. Deep down I also want it due to it having the RE6 demo.

MrMister2320d ago

I don't think a cliche is gonna make a game any better

Bigpappy2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I like that it has different gameplay elements. This is where I think Japanese developers can shine in the west. Join the Western party of real-time action RPG's with opened worlds, but create your own identity.

Ser2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

This is the first time that I agree with you wholly, pappy. Can't wait to pick this up.

--Onilink--2320d ago

the demo didnt really convinced me, but at least its partially on my radar for now. I definitely wont pay full retail, but i might get it later on when its discounted

Danniel12320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

First attempt at a new franchise which is trying to remedy some of the problems with current open world RPGs and you aren't gonna support it at launch when numbers count the most?

Captain Qwark 92320d ago

the demo was only decent for me as well but not enouogh to deter me from picking ti up.

1. i like supporting new franchises

2. its the first in the franchise so i give it a pass on minor issues

3. its trying something new and different, points in my book

4. im hoping it gets better than the demo, demos dont always do a game justice. ex: i didnt liek the rayman origins demo, picked it up for 15 anyway, amazing game

KozmoOchez2320d ago

I like all your points there, and reading all the previews and now a couple reviews, apparently the demo is nowhere near how awesome the full release will be