38 Studios fails to pay employees, Rhode Island

Things are looking decidedly grim for 38 Studios, after it was revealed earlier this week that the Rhode Island developer was in some financial difficulty (to put it politely).

Earlier today, it was reported that the studio was "robbing Peter to pay Paul", by paying back a $1.125M debt to the state, using money it had saved by not paying employees - but that cheque later bounced.

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Pintheshadows2252d ago

Well, I don't see them recovering. They aren't Glasgow Rangers.

This is a huge shame as KoA was fantastic. I wish more people bought it but it seemed they were too busy with Skyrim to notice.

All that promise gone.

And I hope the employees get their pay.

joab7772252d ago

i agree. I love the game. I was hoping they would b around awhile. To b honest most was spent on mmo. Might as well finish it, try to get $ and then go f2p if need b. Only possible way.

GanjaMan2252d ago

hahaa yh rangers are fuked m8 but aint they found a yanky buyer now?

Megaton2252d ago

Shouldn't have held back the Steam release for temporary Origin exclusivity. Could have been taking Steam pre-orders for months.

TekoIie2252d ago

That's more EAs fault than 38.

aPerson2252d ago

I hope they work everything out. KoA: Reckoning is a great game and a sequel would have been amazing. It would be a shame to see this franchise go to waste.

Patriots_Pride2252d ago

Sell ot to Activision and problem solved.

fOrlOnhOpe572252d ago

Hard to believe it had such a low worldwide sales figure. Whenever I read articles about this game, they are nearly always praiseworthy and having beaten the game and both DLC - twice - its easy to understand why.

For me, its a gem of a game that truly deserves a sequel . For that reason and the job security of the company's staff, I sincerely hope some financial solution can be found.