The Bourne Conspiracy Screenshots

Three new screenshots from Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy posted on TeamXbox on Jan. 14th, 2008.

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C_SoL3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

looks like water coming out of the vending machine on the 3rd pic..but it still looks good....i hope this game doesn't get "PORTED" to the PS3.

Genki3927d ago

Hope it plays better than it looks.

InMyOpinion3927d ago

I thought the screenshot in the middle looked great. I think it can be cool, even though it's based on a movie...

Genki3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

hopefully it plays better than it looks. Indeed, that middle screen looks better than the others, but still lackluster IMO.

mighty_douche3927d ago

meh... games to movie are usually bad, i guess it works the other way also.

"Enter the Matrix" anyone....

AceLuby3926d ago

But I really liked that game. I thought they pulled it off well and if you played it on hard it was REALLY hard.

Rowland3927d ago

just because a couple of guys vote you for posting large quantities of news doesn't suddenly mean the whole community is on your side you twat ! & bragging about it is pretty pathetic & embarrassing.

Your hang-ups are nothing to do with me anyway it's about you generating disgust & abhorrence from many contributors because you continue blinded by your own arrogance & ignorance to alienate & spoil it for others with your bullying. This is why you are widely despised on N4G. Your report today, failure to remove it & subsequent comments, when you clearly & regularly post the same subject matter, is yet another shining example of your two-faced double standards & complete lack of any decency whatsoever.

Both TnS & I made a mistake yesterday but had the balls to apologise, something you've never done
because you dont have any. That's worth infinitely more than an undeserved forum tag any day.

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