Complaining About Diablo 3 Is Allowed; Advertising in Games Can Go to Hell

Writing for Game Front, Jim Sterling discusses why he feels that users should be allowed to complain about Diablo 3 issues and why advertising in video games shouldn't be.

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DarkSymbiote2131d ago

This is a good article. The original title could have been less... crude.

mananimal2131d ago

Its an "Ingenius". clever header, if you think about it, in the article he discusses his veiws on advertisment & the difference with advertising to create a more "realistic gaming exp" vs advertising in a way that destroys the gamers since of ESCAPISM that we all love about gaming. Diablo is a game set in the Underworld or Hell if you perfer, lol, so in a sense he's creatively made reference to his idea that advertising in a game should "Enhance" not "Take Away" from the the gaming exp, lol, so when he says "advertisments can go to Hell" , in a sense he`s saying they SHOULD be in DIABLO 3, in game enhancing way.

dennett3162131d ago

Everyone complaining about gaming at the moment is being tarred with the "whiny, entitled bitch" brush and it's really starting to get on my nerves.
Why are gamers so willing to accept being reamed by publishers and developers, to the point where they will actively defend their suspect practices and look down on fellow gamers?
There are people defending on-disc DLC and day one DLC, there were people defending the fact that official servers for Battlefield 3 disappeared under the weight of tyrannical little Hitlers with their rented servers kicking people for looking at them funny - and actively attacking those who complained about it, they defend online passes...the list goes on.
Why are so many allowing themselves to be milked dry, and doing it with a smile on their faces? Are they just contrarians for the sake of starting an argument? Why do they take such pleasure in the errosion of our rights as consumers? It's baffling to me.

Megaton2131d ago

I think a lot of gamers are generally scared to rock the boat in their real lives, so it translates over to this. They do as they're told and don't ask questions. Very sheepish people.

mananimal2131d ago

That my friend, is the REAL PROBLEM, i couldnt have said it better, 2 many Drones & Clones, who are scared petrified passive lil sheep, afraid to rock the boat , its in their very core being, to just roll over on command, the TRUTH is humans in general , have a great intelligence & awareness level that operates in the subconscious part of the mind, generally, that allows them to understand basic fairness, rightness or wrongness. But "Social Politics" by way of the ENTERTAINMENT\BUSINESS\GOVERNM ENT INDUSTRIES(Hollywood movies, the educational system, sitcoms, sports, commericials, tv shows, military industry, business of capitalism ) know that behavior is LEARNED & so have created a WAY OF THINKING, STEREOTYPES that act as "Control Mechanisms" which lead people to ALL KINDS OF ADVERSE CHOICES, & VIEWS(beliefs\perspectives) . And so people crumble & COMPROMISE due to FEAR TACTICS that teach what we percieve as the consequences, if we dont give in or just go along(Remember 911?). Gaming used to be an ESCAPISM from what we ALL HATE about REALITY, but now the" Social Hitlers" that run the NEW America & Society in general have infiltrated gaming to tighten the oppressive mind vice, continuing the INDOCTRINATION((fear) through the medium of gaming , crushing REAL CREATIVITY(developer/publisher consolidations), taking away real freedom of CHOICE(new thought provoking game exp`s) & replace with their new social agenda for society.. If you`ve ever Played the Half-Life series & understand the message it was sending & the way it viewed the world,.....then you shouldn`t be 1bit suprised that our "CORPORATE PAYMASTERS" have no interest in giving GAMERS that kind of LIBERATING SOCIAL experience(THAT OUR SOULS CRAVE) or POWERFUL" thought provoking processes that would surely continue an "ATTITUDE of REBELLION" against TYRANNY in mankind....The message they want you to EXCEPT now is HOPELESSNESS((ME3, Diablo 3, DRM, DLC, CASUAL GAMING EXP etc, as some of the latest examples of their TRUE INTENTIONS anyone??) that we're the slaves & if we want to have a life, then this is the way it is, deal with it they are saying. The fix is in folks, most are just too scared to say it or even admitt it to themselves...DIVIDE & long as GAMERS continue support the ills of gaming by compromising & paying for crap, things they KNOW are just wrong & unfair, then gaming will continue its downward spiral. Your only recourse is to HOLD YOUR WALLET. If gamers did this 1 thing, then "CORPORATE WORLDWIDE" would be FORCED to give GAMING back to the CORE GAMERS.."What a world that would be huh?" says Gordon (FREE)man. R.I.P ( cuz i doubt we`ll ever see him again)

Mythicninja2131d ago

Couldn't agree more, and I see it all the time. Some of them are company paid shills trying to break our sense of unity as gamers and consumers, but certainly not all of them. It's like the penis is so far up inside them that they've learned to enjoy and defend it. Google stockholm syndrome.

shodan742131d ago

As far as I can tell, those complaining about Diablo 3 have every right to be hacked off. Forcing players to be online at all times to play a single-player campaign is madness. If I'd have been bugged by the kind of frequent 'errors' that so many people - who, lest we forget, have actually paid a lot of money for the title at launch - have experienced, I'd be venting spleen online too.

Redempteur2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

overal nice articles .. ABOUT DLC ,i remember FF13-2... The dlc in wanadu ( serendipity in EN) was something just weird ..hey pay for this dlc if you want to play at those tables !!
YEp in game dlc ads can die for all i care .

Back to diablo ..
ABOUT complaining ,I don't see why diablo 3 should be immune to complains's a game , i paid for it .. so i can complain ..everyone is not supposed to agree with me but i can complain ..but hey apparently Blizzard make the rules's a blizzard game so complaining is unnaceptable for some.. that's bullsh*t .

Now i don't complain about the drm or servers , but about the game itself ..while the game is "ok" , they didn't expand on diablo 2 , and when back from scratch... Diablo 2 is superior ..If diablo 3 was an expansion or a new look on diablo 2 systems , that would have been amazing ..but currently it's another blizzard game ( ok for some ) but hey i wanted a sequel to diablo 2 ...