Diablo III: Impressions From Someone Who Hated It

Traci writes: "Chances are you remember a little post I made awhile back complaining about all of the problems that I had with Blizzard’s long-awaited title, Diablo III. The truth is that I still had way too many doubts going into it, and I was absolutely certain that it wasn’t going to live up to its hype.

I’ve waited eleven years for the series to see a new addition, and surely all of this hype was just going to fall flat on its face? After all, I do have a personal belief that any game that takes a very long time to make is either really good or really bad, and it hadn’t been shaping up to be really good at all to me. So it would fail, wouldn’t it?"

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kostchtchie_2165d ago

d2 will always be the better version, this wow kiddie game with starcraft online side to it is garbage

killerhog2165d ago

Reading this article (especially around the end) seems this person pissed off someone at blizzard and is trying to retract what he/she said to get back on blizz good side.