The history of DotA and DotA 2

Simon S.

Most gamers may recognize the name DotA, or Defence of the Ancients, while many may have played it, many have not. Well DotA was a map for Warcraft 3 based off of a Starcraft map named Aeon of Strife. I can’t really remember who created the first version of it, but once IceFrog took over the development, the map got known around the Warcraft 3 community and the interest in it grew. At this point the major events got their eyes open for it as well, and DotA turned into a competitive eSports map, DotA has been a featured game at tournaments like World Cyber Games and BlizzCon. DotA is the basic foundation to every MOBA game around, and it created a new subgenre to RTS games.

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