Turok single-player Demo available on Xbox Live Marketplace

The Xbox Live Marketplace has been updated this morning with a new single-player demo for Turok which is available in most countries apart from Japan and Korea.

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mighty_douche3987d ago

cool, ill be giving this a try when i get home.

Over all i dont think its gonna be very special but the 3rd person stealth kills and such look pretty nice.

Neurotoxin3987d ago

Please let us know what its like Xbox People. Cheers.

P4KY B3987d ago

How did you get a disagree for saying that?

Neurotoxin3987d ago

Dunno might be because i own a PS3 and am asking Xbox owners for a favor? I`m just a gamer, i`m not taking sides i just want to know if its worth downloading the demo on the PS3 when it emerges. Cheers.

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The story is too old to be commented.