Rocket Jump Podcast 049 - Diablo Luau

Rocket Jump: This week the gang is in full force as Ben returns, and it’s time to talk about how we did (or didn’t) get to play Diablo 3! For everyone who couldn’t connect with Blizzard or have a ten year old PC, Jim and Aaron talk about Max Payne 3 and how you can shoot a lot of dudes in the face…a lot. We also answer your voice mails and emails, and give out bad parenting advice.

We’re also giving away some stuff this week! OSMOS and Dungeon Defenders on Steam, and a Halo Banshee Avatar Prop for your Xbox. To win, tweet the following: “Suck it, @modeps. @phokal give me [Dungeon Defenders]!” (replace Dungeon Defenders with the prize of your choice). Aaron will announce the winners early next week.

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