CCU: Prototype 2 Review

CCU: This game is a classic example of second-helpings. If you enjoyed the original I would definitely suggest coming back for more. Developer Radical Entertainment has set up a fun house filled with mutants and blackwatch troops, while the mirrors may often reflect familiar images, the repetition is complimented by it’s ability to be tolerable every time. You play a distraught solider hell-bent on revenge for the death of his wife and daughter in the city formerly known as NYC (now called NYZ, for New York Zero). We’re led to believe the killer as being our original dark hero Alex Mercer, but as traditionally with Prototype, things are not always as they seem. Unless explosions, rampant death, and dismemberment aren’t your thing, then this game will probably be the action title you were seeking to satisfy your needs.

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WeskerChildReborned2322d ago

Well deserved score, the game had some pros and cons and i think one of it's flaws was the story, i feel that it could have probably been better.

Overall, it's a solid game but just lack's a good story.

RXL2322d ago

i wanna pick this up

it just got a price drop and is now 40 bucks..