CheatIndex: Twisted Metal Review

CheatIndex: "On the whole, though, for a couple hours of intense, unabashedly and willfully violent vehicular manslaughter of everything in sight, it’s hard to imagine how the concept could be done any better."

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OhMyGandhi2322d ago

still haven't played this. PS3 YLOD'ed on me midway through a rental copy of Shadows of the Damned...

r212322d ago

im sorry for you gamer's loss :C

ginsunuva2322d ago

So underrated. Like Starhawk

BlackTar1872322d ago

Huge Twisted metal fan here and was hugely dissapointed with this game.

Maybe if the MP worked i would have a better place but by the time it worked good no one played and the Solo compaign was a joke compared to other TM's

neoMAXMLC2322d ago

Strange... I happen to find plenty of online games going.
Maybe you're just not as big a fan as you think. :3

BlackTar1872321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

ur right maybe im not a big fan since i owned beat and played over and over every single Twisted metal game. Your right me even buying the head on edition on ps2 a year or 2 after ps3 was released must of meant i wasn't as big as fan. Yea thats it.

I guess me also getting every single player unlock must have meant i didn't give the game it's proper chance or the fact i unlocked almost all the MP cars.

Your right

You comment is a joke.

vividi2322d ago

I love this game, having a blast in multiplayer, I love it, waiting for my copy of starhawk playing twisted metal wupss