Square Enix boss calls the Wii a toy... again

Speaking to, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has once again likened the Wii to a toy, pointing the finger at Nintendo's emphasis on casual titles.

"... it is each manufacturer's responsibility to communicate with potential customers, and let them know which of them would make the best use of which function in each console," said Wada.

"In that context, Nintendo seems to place a great emphasis on Wii Sports and Fit rather than Zelda, a role-playing game. In my opinion, if they expose the functions in this way, they are making the Wii look like a toy."

Despite believing the Wii is seen as a toy, Wada is confident that the console can follow in the footsteps of the Nintendo DS and have successful titles for both hardcore and casual gamers.

"... we have to work out what kind of games we should create for Wii. For DS, Square Enix publishes both traditional games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, and also more casual software. The DS is managing to get through to a really broad range of people at the moment, and I think the Wii can follow in its footsteps," said Wada.

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name3960d ago

Lmao ok I take back my square enix knows what they're talking about comment. They seem so confused. :( Oh well, they make final fantasy, all is forgiven.

paracardium3960d ago

Wii is a kids toy.. it's like that pokemon craze back when it first came out.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3960d ago

but toys are fun.

so thats not the worst thing you could call it.

the wii isn`t a gamers SYSTEM it`s a gamers TOY.

GutZ313959d ago

umm, most electronics stores categorize gaming systems, outside of computers as Toys, if they cant do anything but play games.
So I guess it is in fact a toy.

PS360WII3959d ago

Well it's a toy that'll make them a lot of money. Plus all gaming is toying around. PS3, 360, and Wii are toys and that's a good thing. Disagree all you want but you are only fooling yourselves.

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The story is too old to be commented.