Battlefield 3 Premium service is no rumor

Battlefieldo writes:

There has been a lot of dancing around the subject, but no actual denial when it comes to the "rumored" Battlefield 3 Premium Service.

We can happily confirm that the Battlefield 3 Premium Content Service is no rumor, and is definitely set to launch on June 4th, 2012, along with the double XP for PC players.

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Hufandpuf2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

"Battlefield Premium contains all 5 Battlefield expansion packs with early access, new camos, and exclusive in-game items for a one-time fee."

That's good news depending on the price. I'm getting Close Quarters and Armor Kill already, I just want to see the last 2 now.

ATi_Elite2201d ago

Once Planetside 2, Firefall, or Arma III come out my BF3 game time will decrease.

Not interested in close quarters but Armor Kill is a must cause the maps will be awesome for 128 player servers!!

I dont wanna pay a bunch of money and only enjoy one map pak.

I don't trust EA!!

Hufandpuf2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I'm getting Close Quarters because of the guns also, not just the maps. And with the premium, there will be weapon camo and dogtags. So I think it'll be worth it for the right price.

Brosy2201d ago

The server rental has pretty much ruined BF3 for me. They are getting a little too greedy for my taste.

hennessey862201d ago

a server but I am reaping all the benefits, there are some fantastic user created games like 300% hardcore deathmatch

Dlacy13g2201d ago

I haven't touched BF3 since the rent a server business went live and all the DICE servers vanished and were replaced by 1500 ticket games and the like... The whole experience put a sour taste in my mouth for sure. I will definitely give Close quarters a go but there is no way I am going to sign up to a premium service for BF3 at the rate they are going with this game for me.

I didn't buy into COD Elite, I aint buying into EA's "lets make a premium service too" bullshit.

ATi_Elite2198d ago

EA has COMPLETELY destroyed BF3!!

BF2 was basically untouched by EA and look how long it's community lasted and how fantastic it was.

BF3 is already getting BLAH and all because EA wants to rape it for cash!!!

marioPSUC2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Seems like the typical "season pass" thing that alot of developers are doing now, where you pay for all the maps but at a reduced cost. These things are nice if you plan on buying all the DLC since with all the ones I've seen, you end up saving money instead of buying all the DLC separately. I don't have any problems with them doing this, if your going to get the DLC and all of it just buy this, if not then don't get this.

The_KELRaTH2201d ago

I'd be more interested in new content for BC2; it has cleaner graphics, better controller movement (for those of us suffering from BF3 motion lag), better weapons and more interesting maps - just needs a snow map pack!!

berndogskate2201d ago

better controller movement? you cant even strafe lol

The_KELRaTH2201d ago

You missed out Prone!! I was referring to those of us suffering with input lag. i.e. when I rotate and aim I get about quarter of a second delay.

TekoIie2201d ago

What platform are you playing on? Haven't experienced this with any version so far : /

FunAndGun2201d ago

I thought that motion lag was caused by the type of TV you have?

The_KELRaTH2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Platform: it's a PS3 thing. EA's latest solution is to disable anti-aliasing but then you've got so much buzzing around the screen you can't make out what's going on!

I'm using a Dell U2410 in Game mode which has an input lag of 14.4ms, not the lowest but less than most 42" LED TV's and nothing like the levels I'm experiencing in BF3.

berndogskate2201d ago

yeah that too, i guess the input lag is a killer for you although the game is considerably more weighty than the likes of cod, also i think cos it runs at 30fps it feels laggy too, still smokes cod thought

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