Hardware diversification is healthy, says Square Enix president

Gameindustry writes:

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada thinks that the diversification of hardware, with very different offerings from each manufacturer, is a positive thing.

"It was going to happen anyway, it wasn't accidental," he said, speaking to

"Now we have moved to a new era where we have more types of gamers and console users, and what is important for both hardware and software makers is how to deal with diversified demands from diversified users."

He doesn't hold out much hope for the eventuality of a standardised console which would eliminate hardware diversification.

"Speaking as a software manufacturer it would be convenient for us, obviously, if everybody was to standardise. But that kind of standardisation would be impossible, in my opinion.

"I would like it to happen, but there's not much chance."

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name3986d ago

Square enix knows what they're talking about.

power of Green 3986d ago

Really?!, they sure sounded confused acouple of months ago sounding worried that the market they make most of their money in was dieing. They sounded like they didn't have a clue about what they were going to do to achieve success like some of the other Japanese devs have in the western market on all console's ontop of succeeding in the western market in general.

They have no clue in what they're doing other Japanese devs have learned how to make Japanese style games that appeal to the west and will do what it takes to make money. SE caters to the Japanese consoles out of some sort of pride its not just what games sell in what market or demographic on what console. They do not put in as much effort making games on non Japanese consoles they issue half ass attempts and leftovers made by other sub teams etc. They'll never succeed on the next level because they do not know what they're doing or are too hardheaded and proud.

AceLuby3986d ago

Final Fantasy is one of the best selling franchises ever, not to mention the countless number of games they could go back to and rehash a story. They are doing fine which will be shown when FF XIII is released.

ban fans3986d ago

A company as successful as Square Enix confused about the western market? Obviously, you are letting the "power of green" go to your head. Yes, I think Square Enix is very dedicated to the Japanese market, but there are a couple little franchises called "Final Fantasy", "Kingdom Hearts", and "Valkyrie Profile" (maybe you've heard of them), that have done pretty well in the USA.
And, you do realize that your comment along with your tag comes across as sour grapes, right?

Cyrus3653986d ago

It does sound that your bitter, that they aren't supporting 360 more? If anyone should be bitter it's Nintendo, there systems are selling like hot cakes, and besides square supporting DS system, their wii system hasn't been really supported yet.

mirroredderorrim3986d ago

Good thing the stuff you're typing out is nothing more than a watered down version of an opinion and not fact.

eyeballpauluk3986d ago

i think all software devs for an ease of use standpoint would prefer a standardisation...just think that bad ports would be a thing of teh past!..but for the console business as a whole, it would be bad it may not push the hardware to the best of its ability.

well, the way I see it anyways...

it would be one step closer to the one box philosophy which would stifle competition in my opinion

Bladestar3986d ago

lol... look who's talking... the one developer that does not want to support the xbox 360... mmm. wait.. now that I think about it... they just want a plan B in case they want to jump ships again... Yes like they did when they switch to Playstation after so many years of loyal support to Nintendo... They don't want to support other consoles.. yet they want to be able to be close enough to the other's camp ship in case they have to jump and swim...

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