Rockstar Games Is Scaring Away Everyone

PushStartSelect: "Let’s face it, Rockstar Games is a big group of badasses, perhaps Disgaea characters could take some notes. They are the quiet fellows, the cool kids that keep to themselves, but can break out in class and make everyone laugh. They are looked at as oddballs when they are not being the center of attention, and that’s why Rockstar flies under the radar a lot. We just got Max Payne 3 today, and our review will tell you just how awesome it is, but there is something else up their sleeves. They have been quiet for a while, and suddenly they are breaking back in and we see all kinds of their friends running scared."

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versusALL2251d ago

I know I'm going to sound like a fan boy but I feel that almost ALL of Rockstar games are amazing and each time one comes up I always have SUPER HIGH exceptions. And they always exceed them.

Double_Oh_Snap2251d ago

Not a fan boy, you love R* games. I love R* as well.

Pintheshadows2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Just a sidenote but i'm happy that i'm not the only one that types R* rather than Rockstar.

And I love R* as well. I can't think of a fundamentally bad game they've made.

JoeReno2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

doesn't any one remember State Of Emergency? not R* at its finest forsure. Thats not to say that I am not a fan of Rockstar because i am.

Dee_912251d ago

neever played state of emergency but i remember warriors haha il just say it wasnt good
but their goodd games far outweigh their 2 bad ones.

inveni02251d ago

I put Rockstar in the same field as Bethesda...except Rockstar's games are much better polished. That being said, I'm not a huge fan. Their games always start out super awesome, but I wind up getting bored of the gameplay. I didn't even finish GTA4 because the end missions became SOOOOO long, that I couldn't finish a single mission in the few minutes a day I get to blow on games (fatherhood and work eat my life).

But guess what...I'm buying GTA5. Like I said, the games start out awesome, and that they don't suit my lifestyle isn't their fault.

honkyjesus2250d ago

You are a fanboy, only fanboys use "R*" on the Internet.

gta28002250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Grand Theft Auto is the main reason why I love Rockstar, GTA is the reason why I continue to game! I had lost a lot of interest in video games after the PS2. Never became interested in PS3 till GTAIV was announced. Soon after I bought a PS3, waited on GTA and now I'm a bigger gamer than I ever was lol. I can't speak on all of their games though. I never really got into like Max Payne or any of their other games. I have RDR but I still haven't played it. Will try to soon.

MaxXAttaxX2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

[On topic]
Why change the title from a question to a statement?

Not everyone is delaying their games and some of the ones who are have different reasons.
I guess you could assume, but... ehh

A decent opinion piece, I suppose. Although I thought there would be new interesting info or something.

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Shaman2251d ago

I'm pumped as HELL. That data leak from MP3 RAGE directories implies skiing and snowmobiles. Along with planes, trains and alot of boats, I got to say it seems like R* North is going out with the bang. Cant wait!

SignifiedSix2251d ago

Sounds like its going to be more like GTA:SA, which would be awesome! Cant wait for this game also!

Cant wait to drive on the sidewalks xD

JakemanPS319942251d ago

i dont think all are amazing or at least i wouldnt use that to describe manhunt 2, omi, table tennis, and midnight club... everything else though is pretty much amazing

roadkillers2251d ago

Oni: Made by Bungie, a test before Halo
Table Tenni: A test before GTAIV (looked fun)
Manhunt 2: I don't know what happened, good story.
Midnight Club: Hmmm, I dunno, getting tired of typing...

B_Rian892251d ago

Midnight Club LA was awesome. Its my favorite arcade racer this gen.
cant comment on the others though

Pintheshadows2251d ago

Oni was amazing and incredibly under rated.

I had Manhunt 2 on PSP and it was good, just not great like the first.

Midnight Club LA like the all the previous games was a top quality arcade racer.

And considering the sport Table Tennis is alot of fun.

JakemanPS319942251d ago

oh im not saying there bad games, its just i wouldnt call them amazing...


I would easily consider Midnight Club an amazing franchise man... 3 and LA were the best arcade racing games I had played, along with Burnout Paradise. I know most people think of NFS when we're talking arcade racing, but personally arcade racing for me is all about fun, and both Midnight Club and Burnout have tons of it. I don't care if it have the most super cars, the best look and that fancy control experience, that's what I want to see in sim racing games.

The first Manhunt was also really good. If not amazing, it was at the very least a really cleaver concept. But indeed the 2nd game came and everything went downhill...

Can't really say anything about Oni, never played it. Table Tennis, even if it was just an Engine test, was indeed mediocre, not bad but also didn't add anything worth looking for.

That said, I understand you are just trying to get people back to the ground and realize that R* don't fart perfume, to which I completelly agree, even though I still think of 'em as some of the best developers out there.

JakemanPS319942250d ago

yah dont get me wrong i love almost everything made by rockstar. Its like saying you love everything naughty dog but hate way of the warrior... i guess im just a stupid little hipster who always has to argue!:P

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WeskerChildReborned2251d ago

Well even though GTA IV was a good game, i still like GTA SA alot more. Idk, the feel and story to me was just better and i hope that GTA V will be returning to that atmosphere.

Elwenil2251d ago

For me I hope they keep the maturity and moral complications from GTA4 and go more in depth with the story like RDR. If they can give me the huge world of San Andreas with all the cool extra stuff to do like car customization and exploration but have a mature story like RDR that makes me feel for the character, I'll be ecstatic. If they go with a more silly storyline and gameplay I'll probably still play it but it will be a bit of a letdown for me.

NegativeCreepWA2251d ago

IMO CJ is the worst GTA character, just another dumb thug with a gun.

JakemanPS319942250d ago

i felt the dialogue was the worst thing about SA and i really loved that game... i mean it did get better but it just felt to cliche

Patriots_Pride2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I feel the same way too but GTA 4 felt like big let down to me.

Maybe it was the hype it had
Maybe it was all the 10's reviewers gave it
Maybe it was the fact that San Andres was full of awesomness and GTA 4 felt like a step back.
Maybe it was the annOying phone calls and repetative missions.
Maybe the game was just bad

The conclusion I came to was that GTA4 was ok but not R* worthy and I almost said f#$k you R* but Red Dead Redemption made up for the steaming pile of sh!T that was GTA4.

kevnb2251d ago

rockstar is very hit and miss actually, although when everything clicks its amazing.

andibandit2251d ago

Not hating on R*, bt i really wish some of their games would be more Coop minded. The coop R* implements is often some tacked on side mission style stuff.

orange-skittle2250d ago

in the industry! Everyone knows it. Even other studios say those guys over there are talented as hell.

KwietStorm2250d ago

Contrary to belief, we all can strongly enjoy something without being a 'fanboy.' When I say I love everything Rockstargames produces, it doesn't mean they are perfect, and it doesn't mean I give everything they have yet to produce, a free pass. It just means that every R* game I have personally played has been a great gaming experience.

zeprince2250d ago

You hear a whisper in the wind... Naughty Dog
THE ANGELS descend and sing out... Naughty Dog
The clouds morph into a word in the sky...Naughty Dog
A baby's first words... Naughty Dog
A dying mans last words... Naughty Dog

I am Fanboy starring Zeprince
I have just Shat a little wisdom your way, ENJOY

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showtimefolks2251d ago

when you say rockstar are behind a game automatically expections are amazing high and most if not all of the times they have delivered.

now games like manhunt and manhunt 2 are not their best work but those games were meant for a totally different crowd

GTA 5 will be amazing expect overall rating of the game above 95

when it comes to GTA you know they won't rush it and they will have the best open world game

acemonkey2251d ago

Fear Rockstar GTA be ready

kurochi2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

We all know GTA V is coming, but I hope Rockstar drops a massive bomb and announces RDR II at E3..... But that's just my own little wet dream. It's been what? Two years already? Give us something!!!

Uncharted2Vet2251d ago

keep dreaming, that game aint coming out any time soon. bet that

Grap2251d ago

yah you are not going to see any RD this Gen and doubt next gen. i bet all my money on that.

TheHomerPimpson2251d ago

Definitely not this gen, but I certainly wouldn't count it out for next-gen. Why would Rockstar not want to come out with another title they know will sell millions? I'd almost guarantee they have something in development, even if it is only drawing board-type stuff.

Would be curious where they might take the series if they continue with the Marston family...considering the first one sorta ends with the "death" of the Wild West. Decisions, Rockstar, decisions...

Dovahkiin2251d ago

Why on earth wouldn't it come out next gen?

attilayavuzer2250d ago

Yeah I'm still waiting for Bully 2, so at the least there'll be a good 5 year wait for the next RDR. But to be honest I don't even see why they'd make another, there isn't a whole lot more they can do to expand on the last, it'd basically just be updated dlc.

MysticStrummer2250d ago

"yah you are not going to see any RD this Gen and doubt next gen. i bet all my money on that."

Wave goodbye to all your money. RDR sold very well and was critically acclaimed. Of course there will be another, if not this gen then next. For those that think nothing can be done to expand on the idea, you have no imagination whatsoever.

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MrMister2251d ago

Who let this opinion piece pass inspection? I learned nothing from this--only some R* fans rant. Yeah, we all like R*--big deal.

Soldierone2251d ago

I think you fail at understanding what OPINION piece wasn't an article, it was an OPINION piece. Feel free to go google "Define: Opinion"