Is It Time To Forgive Capcom?

Capcom keeps making bad decisions, and I keep getting mad about them. But at least the company is willing to modify its approach from time to time. Then again, how long will it be before Capcom makes another stupid mistake?

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Uncharted2Vet2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

nope wont forgive them until they start doing right by the consumers. until they actually start making full games, stop cutting content out of our games, and start actually making post launch DLC actually worth the extra money like (Examples: Fallout DLC, Oblivion DLC, GTA IV DLC) then no i wont. but i don't see that happening so as the saying goes "SCREW CRAPCOM"

brish2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Will Capcom forgive the managers that put these policies in place?

Maybe they shouldn't! Maybe the best way to fix Capcom is to fire those people.

dangert122279d ago

Forgive?...I am not even upset with them.

To me they are that drug dealer selling you a fix of what you not even addicted to at rip of prices and It's not even weighing In correctly the dealer tells you he will give you the rest of what you pay for when you buy some more.

So I just walk past that dealer and get my fix else where while I see people lining up In capcoms que and walking1 off like RIP OFF but the last 6times I went there they was walking off saying the same thing about their last purchase

TheColbertinator2279d ago

Wow you really clarify the dealer/junkie relationship so well...


blackblades2279d ago Show
NovusTerminus2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

After they have butchered Devil May Cry, ignored Onimusha, and put 12 Disk Locked Characters in SFxT?

No way in hell!

BlackTar1872279d ago

The no Omnimusha is the biggest tragedy :(

neogeo2279d ago

I will put it this way. Capcom likes to steel with there downloads. I steel Capcom games via download:)

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The story is too old to be commented.