SurvivalCast 84: Max Payne 3 - Diablo 3

The @SurvivalCast crew of Tom (@Letsgetacid) and Craig (@NJMane) are set to discuss all the latest from the gaming industry. Tom discusses Diablo 3 and the goodies of the Collector's Edition. Craig dives into Max Payne 3 and talks about how Rockstar handled the franchise.

This week’s news topics include Diablo 3 server issues, Diablo 3 completion time, Gamestop offering Steam wallet cards, Minecraft 360 sales numbers, No co-op for SD in Minecraft 360, Capcom on-disc DLC strategy, Guild Wars 2 launch date, Activision/Infinity Ward lawsuit, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City surprising sales numbers, Tomb Raider reboot delayed, Bioshock Infinite delayed, Devil's Third loses its publisher, Saints Row franchise sales numbers and more!

Don’t forget to follow the show on Twitter (@SurvivalCast). Feel free to shoot us questions and comments for the next show. Thank you for listening and enjoy the show!

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