Are Casual Gamers Done with Consoles?

On Wednesday, May 16th, Gamasutra's Matt Matthews posted an article convering the recent decline in game sales over the past year. Matthews spoke with Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter who took a bold stance on the future of casual gamers:

"...casual gamers are never buying consoles again."

Pachter, who has long voiced his favor of Apple's approach to cheap mobile gaming, is not exactly speaking out of character here.

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Uncharted2Vet2251d ago

hopefully, that way these companies can start trying to appeal to the hardcore gamers again, like the generations before when making games were to make good games that people will enjoy, not to make a quick buck.

Venox20082250d ago

actually that's a hard question for me, because I can't think for each people individually, but I hope that they will, because it will be different experience for people

Venox20082250d ago

I meant that, I hope that they will buy new consoles, because sales is a good thing to all of us

ShaunCameron2250d ago

I doubt it. There aren't that many hardcore gamers to begin with for console-manufacturers to come up with the latest state-of-the-art technology and still make a profit from.

Drainage2250d ago

good riddance. Now the hardcore games that set challenges and dont have infinite respawn 5 steps from where you die will go away...maybe

CyberCam2250d ago

On the contrary, as a gamer that's been gaming since the 80's, I'm giving up the next generation of consoles & going back to PC gaming!

I'm tired of:
*DLC (I rather the community mods to keeping a game fresh)
*easy peasy, casual gameplay that holds your hand continuously
*consoles being outdated before they're shipped
*having to pay $10 more per game for console licensing fees
*multiplayer gaming with a higher percentage of imature gamers (I know PC have them as well, but a smaller percent)
*stripped down games which costs more
*etc., etc., etc.

triverse2250d ago

Your points are why I never went past the PS2 era of gaming. It is just ridiculous the hand holding and fees associated with modern console gaming.

CyberCam2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Yeah I hear you... believe it or not it took me playing the now very popular DayZ mod for ArmA2 to realize that PC gaming is the best gaming alternative for the hardcore gamer.

DayZ is the best gaming experience I've had in very a long, long time!

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