Remember These Games With Day One Bugs?

Blizzard's been in the doghouse this week as Diablo 3 was released with some notably painful bugs. It's not the first time a game has been released with major issues, however.'s Cassidee Moser looks into some more recent games that have had serious bugs.

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GamerSciz2280d ago

I think it's more the fact that the game has kind of been in development for upwards of 11 one would think major bugs would have been ironed out by now.

pr0digyZA2280d ago

Actually it wasnt 11 years straight as all games that take a long time, it had many forms, was started from scratch years into development and many revisions were made including art style etc...

"Diablo III spent four to five years in development before being officially announced"

"lot of debate within Blizzard as to what kind of game Diablo III was going to be. In fact, several versions were scrapped and rumours link these difficulties to the dissolution of Blizzard North in 2005"

"Content is being generated in regards to the tech and game engine, which was indicated as "really solid" by August 2008. At that time, most of the design team was still on Act 1, refining and improving the quests and flow and some of the big game systems that hadn't been announced yet. Blizzard was not moving through the acts in a linear fashion, and would often revisit previous ones"

GraveLord2280d ago

That Diablo 3 error was more of a server problem than a game bug or glitch.

WeskerChildReborned2280d ago

Dead Island and Skyrims glitches day 1 were the worse.

DasTier2279d ago

However, the games were much better.

nihonlight2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Bethesda top of the list. Go figure. Lmao
They REALLY need to learn.

kneon2280d ago

that's why I always wait at least 6 months to buy Bethesda games, by then they are usually as good as they are going to get.

People try to justify the bugs by saying it's ok because the game is open world/really big/really good etc. That's just a lot of crap.

I've been programming for almost 30 years and most of the bugs I see in Bethesda games are just because of sloppy development.

DasTier2279d ago

Ive owned all of this generations Elder Scrolls and Fallouts and put in 100s of hours into each. The only one I had any problems with was fallout 3. I never experienced any of the glitches in the other games, but my fallout 3 was completely broken. Still IMO some of the best games of this Generation if not all time.

StayStatic2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

LOL, yer day one bugs are always funny to look back on , good article.

I imagine the error 37 code will become its own meme if it has not already.

I mean just type "err" into google , the first suggestion is "error 37".

caboose322280d ago

Here's the thing though, the actual game of Diablo 3 has almost no bugs in it. It's a very polished and well done game. It's blizzard and their servers that's the problem.

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