Let’s JAM With Jarod from Zivix (JAM Live Music Arcade Interview)

Master Blud of VVGtv Writes: There have been many instances where I have left the rhythm game series. I grew fond of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I slowly went in and out of my constant need to play rhythm games. As a musician myself, I found it amazing to play songs on a guitar peripheral. But it tends to get boring after a while. Then came the whole “Realistic” rhythm games such as Rocksmith and some others. I felt I was controlled too much by these games. I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. I wanted to just jam out instead following a highway of notes. Even with the realistic games such as mentioned before, you didn’t have that elbow room to do what you wanted to do. So I had time to email Jarod from Zivix, to get the deets on JAM Live Music Arcade. We hope this will help answer some questions you might have had about the release of the game.

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