Things We Don’t Need in Video Games

Daizoren of VVGtv Writes:As gaming becomes a more popular and mainstream activity, there’s been a lot of things added to them to make them tailor to the greater market and to those who haven’t played many games before. Getting companies to create their games with every person in mind has certainly helped get a greater majority of people interested in gaming, but there’s a point where some things seem to just be hindering our ability to play the games at the best of our ability. Sometimes it’s just outright annoying and, while there may be some kind of way to change the setting of whatever may be bothering you, these are just some personal gripes that I wish weren’t so prevalent in modern games.

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Captain Qwark 92316d ago

thats a solid list. one thing id like to mention is QTEs though. i actually used to like them a lot and the point he made about it correspnding to an actual action button is great.

when done right, QTEs can be fun and engaging however when done wrong they can just be annoying.

annoying to me is when a qte is literally just press this button during cinematic, now press this one, now this one. when they are just random buttons and the result f not hitting it in time is failure then they are retarded.

however when they are done right, they can be great. example: "a" is light swing most for the action sequences and remains a light swing during qtes. also if i miss a button the sequence doesnt end, its just changed. in instances like that its almost fun to lose to just to see the result.

oldfriend862316d ago

If you do QTE right, then it can still be fun. Like Heavy Rain.

Otherwise, though somewhat nit picky, I agree with the rest of the list.

DarkSymbiote2315d ago

Great list. I do agree graphics shouldn't try to be realistic. Also, Symphony didn't start you off with all abilities, just equipment.