Sony's Playstation Smash Bros. Has Won Me Over

Kotaku - I wanted to roll my eyes at Sony's apparent Clone/rip-off/However-else-you -want-to-insult-it/take on Nintendo's Super Smash Bros.

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NastyLeftHook02282d ago

this is going to be the best fighting game ever.

h311rais3r2281d ago It will be great but no. Not the best...

MaxXAttaxX2281d ago

What's best is entirely subjective to individual preference.
However, it'll pretty great, yes.

european_cannon2281d ago

Yes, I'm sure a fighter aimed at 7-15 year olds will equal the depth of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike or Street Fighter 4. Herp derp.

Laika2281d ago

actually i would say that its aimed at playstaon fans of all ages. herp derp

Fylus2281d ago

European, you just come here to troll or what?

Anyways, the game will be great. Maybe not the BEST, but it will definitely be waaay up there.

Mottsy2281d ago

Considering how much I loved smash bros the older ones, im excited to see some of my favorite PS3 characters, who are we kidding, these games are fun expsecialy with tons of friends. People say clone. Ya but i mean in a sense every game is a clone. We wouldn't have some of the best games we play if they didn't borrow some ideas from other companies! Long Story short im willing to give this game a whirl or two!

RedDead2281d ago

Not borrowing an idea or two, they are taking the whole cake and changing up the way you die.(to simply restrict deaths to specials)

Mottsy2280d ago

You don't knock an opponent off the field.
There is no health bar.
The Death Meter.
That's like saying screw Papa Johns for copying Pizza Hut. I like options. I like super smash brothers, I also like Sony, so the fact that they are trying it out, well i can't see the reason for all the hate. We havn't even played the game and people are hating it cos its like SSB. Lets get real here.

DrRichtofen2281d ago

Can't wait for this game, but I really want to know is who are the 3rd party guest characters going to be. I hope Batman is one of them.

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Errod882281d ago

yeah check this link out it says the Kevin butler is going to be in it,now thats cool.

smashcrashbash2281d ago

I just found out it has a ton of modes coming with it including custom games and tournaments. It won't be the greatest fighting game ever but with the kind of talent they have making it it will be awesome for sure

justlikeme2281d ago

I hope they make this one of their play creat and share games - imagine being able to create characters and stages?? The potential....

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