Is There Any Hope for an Avengers Game?

Not every movie needs a tie-in game, yet for the most part the market endures one with the release of every major action-friendly film. By and large, the games are rushed to market to meet a film’s release date and lack the polish players deserve. Most recently, The Dark Knight avoided that fate even though a game had supposedly been in the works, but the Marvel universe of late has not been spared from the dreadful movie game curse. Of the releases preceding this summer’s blockbuster hit, The Avengers, all five – Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger – received game counterparts from SEGA. One by one, each game disappointed comic book and gaming fans with poor production and weak mechanics.

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browland12252d ago

I am not a fan of movie tie-in games, especially with the supposedly better ones like Avatar and Tron: Legacy being substandard at best. My hopes for a good Avengers game are not especially high.

Welshy2252d ago

I though Origins: Wolverine was brilliant game, even went for platinum on it.

Completely slipped my mind who made it, but I'm sure if they could do as good a job as Wolverine, they'd have my sale at least.

Or Rocksteady.... obviously :)

chrisyoung04222252d ago

Good piece but I am also free of hope.

PaladinXII2252d ago

More like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance... less like... umm... most other Superhero games.

Les-Grossman2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

If you are a Kinect /Wii U fan. Those fans have a game coming. But for everyone else ? Hell no

SuperbVillain2252d ago

movie games deserve no hope and in most cases,money

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