Space Siege @ CES 2008 In-Depth Video Interview

January 14, 2008 - learns from Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor about the backstory, the ability to create and customize weaponry, and the important decisions the player will face.

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Jinxstar3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Wow a Sci fi game... Even RPG... how original...

Edit: Thanks for making an assumption bro. Actually if you look at my bio you might have an idea. I play atm WoW and CS and BF2 on PC.

The thing I dont like about this game is all it looks like to me is. "Hey lets just copy what sells and not do anything innovative" I appreciate innovation. Crysis for example. However it doesn't sell... Bioshock was one of the few good examples of innovation in the Sci Fi genre that actually did well. this game is a "Hey aliens are attacking! Few humans left! Lets Save the World!" Never heard that before.

I play consoles of every genre and PC games too. I have a pretty nice set up. So... thanks for the disagree bud and being better then me as I can see by your attitude... and bubbles. Currently I am waiting on AOC and WAR for the PC and chomping at the bit to get them. I have been playing the WAR beta. I can't say anything more then its great. So hopefully next time before you jump to conclusions you might try asking first. Thanks for that.

fermcr3962d ago

Let me guess !!!! You are a Console Fan-baby ?

About the game... Looks Good.