MediaKick: Hands On: League of Legends

MediaKick: For a few weeks, I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a League of Legends review as part of MOBA week, but after further thought on the matter, I decided against doing an actual review of the game. Why? It simply wouldn’t suit it. League of Legends is a game that’s ever changing and expanding, constantly balancing, and in that respect, it’s almost like an MMO. A review would soon become obsolete, and while it might represent the game one week, much could change the next week that would render a review useless.

Therefore, what I’ve decided to is write up this hands on, without assigning a score. It only makes more sense when it comes to the hands on I’ll have coming with the Dota 2 beta, a much easier and comparable reference point when I’ll be talking about the variations in style and the many other comparisons I’ll make between the two.

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