Ubisoft Details Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Beta

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Today, Ubisoft® announced details for the Far Cry® 3 Multiplayer Beta, which will run for two weeks this summer on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

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jjdoyle2197d ago

Looking forward to this. Ubi best give the devs all the time they need to make it great.

S_C2197d ago

If the beta code is going to be on the back of the booklet for GRFS i guess ill rent it a take the code that comes with that

DFresh2197d ago

I'll try it out on PS3 but I plan on getting this game for PC.

supraking9512197d ago

please just have a great Map making feature!!! I dont care if FC3 is "nothing like anything out there" or just another "CoD clone" a shooter is a shooter and if I can make maps I'll have so much fun with friends

Skate-AK2197d ago

I hope PS+ gets the beta for free like all the other Ubisoft games. Sounds plasable since we just got Far Cry 2 for free in Feberuray. I know I'm not buying Future Solider just for a beta key.