New Carmageddon: Reincarnation Details; drivers can be ejected, cops will be back, LAN support

DSOGaming writes: "Stainless Games has revealed some brand new details about their upcoming Carmageddon game. According to the company, Carmageddon: Reincarnation will support LAN which will be available while you are offline too. The amazing Pratcam of the first Carmageddon will return and Stainless has already booked Tony (the man who was shown in the Pratcam of Carmageddon) for his comeback."

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TheLastGuardian2314d ago

I didn't know Carmageddon was making a comeback. That's awesome, more car combat games is always a good thing.

Kratoscar20082314d ago

This generation needs more car combat, twisted Metal for PS3 was too much differentso i hope this one is as good as the original.

contra1572314d ago

Sweet I hope the replay system is as good and free as the 2nd installment . 2nd game is my fav!