Amazon Starts Summer Early With Massive PC Game Sale


"May 2012 is an unusually busy month for gaming.

Not counting the fact that we’re eye-deep in E3 preparation, we’ve had Starhawk, Max Payne 3 and Diablo 3, and have Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Resistance: Burning Skies coming up.

As if to circumvent the possible hint of boredom in any gamer, and possibly to one-up the eventual Steam sales, Amazon has opened the floodgates for a massive PC download sale.

If you’ve missed out on some crucial facets of PC gaming, then you won’t want to miss this."

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jjdoyle2316d ago

Sweet, going to follow on Twitter for the sales updates alone. Love vg sales.

Proeliator2316d ago

Lots of good gems here, and for so cheap! Might have to finally get ArmA.

Hooshuwashu2316d ago

everyone buy metro if you haven't already... five dollars!! The author hit the nail on the head by saying it's some of the best atmosphere.

StayStatic2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Any serious FPS fan should be picking up Serious Sam 3 IMO just awesome PC FPS gameplay :D