Game Guys review - Starhawk

John Speerbrecker writes:
"It has been three years since we had last heard from the developers of the fantastic multiplayer game Warhawk. With it new take on the multiplayer shooter; it captivated a new audience for the PlayStation 3. IT was also when Sony had introduced trophy support for its software. Warhawk was one of the first games that offered the new way of measuring your worth against your friend list. Did the timing of Starhawk's predecessor really capture an audience or was it merely at the right place at the right time?"

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jjdoyle2322d ago

Super this seems to have turned out so well.

NastyLeftHook02322d ago

this is the best space shooter out there.

killerhog2322d ago

I like starhawk even more for giving me free dlc even though I wasn't a beta tester but do own warhawk.

Blastoise2321d ago

You got free DLC for being in the beta?
What was it?
I was in the beta but havnt bought the full game yet

killerhog2321d ago

I got two dlcs, I believe they were skins. You should of gotten a psn message with a voucher card. My brother got em too. If you haven't I would research why if you were a tester. They are sending messages to people who don't even own starhawk but beta tested or own warhawk.

1Victor2321d ago

You get a glowing fist and a lime green paint job if you played warhawk

BitbyDeath2321d ago

As well as the Green paint job from Warhawk you also get the black paint job from the Nemesis.