Free Realms @ CES 2008 In-Depth Video Interview

January 14, 2008 - checks out what this family friendly game has to offer through micro-transactions, optional combat, and virtual pets.

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QuackPot3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Keep bringing out products and services to attract the casual gamers.

And of course, LOWER THE PRICE!!!!

If you build it they will come.

But Sony should also add alot of MMOG functionality like in Free Realm to HOME.

Rowland3988d ago

just because a couple of guys vote you for posting large quantities of news doesn't suddenly mean the whole community is on your side you twat ! your hang-ups are nothing to do with me anyway it's about you generating disgust & abhorrence from many contributors because you continue blinded by your own arrogance & ignorance to alienate & spoil it for others with your bullying. This is why you are widely despised on N4G. Your report today & failure to remove it, when you clearly & regularly post the same subject matter, is yet another shining example of your two-faced double standards & complete lack of any decency whatsoever. Both TnS & I made a mistake yesterday but had the balls to apologise, something you've never done because you dont have any. That's worth infinitely more than an undeserved forum tag any day.

Iamback3988d ago

can someone tell me how to play this? She said it takes 30 second to get in game. I registered in site and i cant play?!