PS3's top 5 worst protagonists lists the top 5 worst game protagonists to grace Sony's flagship home console.

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Godmars2902256d ago

WTF is up with this site making PS3 lists - then not using PS3-only games or characters?

TheFallenAngel2256d ago

Hale was awesome in Resistance 1. I miss that game so much.

Gaming1012256d ago

I agree mostly, those while the respective games for each character are all really strong, they are good in spite of their lead characters, all of which are largely boorish uncharacteristic dull bores with no personality or anything interesting or relatable about them.

MaxXAttaxX2256d ago

Hence why only 2 actual PS3 characters (and not all that terrible either).

TotalHitman2255d ago

Thank you. I never liked Capelli. I always felt more attached to Hale. I guess I have the same personality.

StanSmith2255d ago

Hale was much better than Capelli! I'm a huge resistance fan, but i will always prefer resistance 1 & 2.

DrJones2255d ago

Solid Snake is a memorable protagonist. Hale and Sev? Not quite as much.

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Amazingmrbrock2256d ago

I know it's goofy hey, I always kind of wonder when they do that. It kind of makes it a multi platform list, why even bother including the ps3 name and restricting their article.

Maybe they hate the xbox or something.

You know what you never see a list of the best pc exclusive anythings lol.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2256d ago

Don't see any worst pc exclusive anythings either.

TekoIie2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Well the site is called PSU (the PS does stand for playstation) so its understandable why they limit their articles to the Playstation audience.

Come on how can we fault them For that :)

mushroomwig2256d ago

Yeah, it's pretty funny how the majority of the characters aren't even from PS3 exclusive titles.

Aloren2255d ago

It would be funny if they were not on PS3. As it is, they're not exclusive, but they're still on PS3...I think there are enough PS3 exlusives to make a list though.

slaton242256d ago

whats funny is this sounds like a fan of ps hating on these games...nathan was awesome, desmond is not meant to be a lead player to completely control yet...we all know people from KZ2 were cool in their own way..duke nukeum...hmmmmm, and dont know about catherine i never played it

coolbeans2256d ago

I didn't read anything that gave me the inclination to believe these characters HAD Battle Royale nominees. The writer is counting every single game that can be played on the PS3 and choosing the top 5 worst protagonists from that entire library.

MrMister2255d ago

Assassin's Creed, Catherine, Duke Nukem Forever are not PS exclusives -_-. PSU is a joke now, and this article more than shows it.

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OllieBoy2256d ago

Hale and Sev are pretty forgettable. It's Insomniac's and Guerilla's fault for not putting any effort in developing these characters.

Developed protagonists in FPS's like Gordon Freeman and Adam Jensen make the game more appealing and interesting.

Trenta272256d ago

Which is sad because they are both good series. If Insomniac and Guerilla developed them more, our hearts would be torn out.

Machioto2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I like like sev in killzone,he's a good counter to Reco's personality,I didn't care Hale,Capelli was a better replacement.

Etseix2256d ago

i agree that you wouldn't compare Gordon or Adam to these, but Sev is not that bad either, i know is not a Jan Templar, but it was just not this ^list bad ( at least for me )

crzyjackbauer2256d ago

Jan templar and KZ1 had better story than KZ2 & KZ3
i loved KZ1 the online was glitchy as hell
but the single player was memorable

Fylus2256d ago

It was sad watching Radec tear through Jan's stomach with a pistol... :(

On the bright side, it made Radec a very memorable character.

Lord_Sloth2256d ago

I find it funny that you count Gordon Freeman as a developed character.

TekoIie2256d ago

No way my skyrim character is 10 times more interesting than Gordon Freeman... Damn Gordon is so interesting... -_-

coolbeans2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

You're able to get an ample amout of information about a supposed mute's back story solely through the use of conversations heard by NPCs; you certainly learned more about your character through that than Hale or Sev in their bland lines in cutscenes.

ginsunuva2256d ago

Sev isn't bad.

But Hale is badass. His quietness and pissed off looks are what make him memorable.

specialguest2256d ago

Both Hale and Sev were not memorable at all. Two generic characters(especially Hale) in terms of personality.

nathanhale2255d ago

Hey, I'm not generic! I'm badass!

Nimblest-Assassin2256d ago

Agreed... honestly if they make a Killzone 4... they really need to work on the story...

I mean it has so much potential... people banished to another planet, mutated by its environment... I mean atleast try to make us sympathize with the Helgans, rather than OMG HIGS! SHOOT TO KILL!

Never played a Resistance, so I can't really tell...

Poor Desmond though... I actually like him, but they need to flesh him out more

dc12255d ago

Hale is/was not forgettable. He was a battered Juggernaut in R2 .. welling to put himself at great risk to save humanity ; ultimately, cost him his life.

No argument with Sev.


xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )


yup, yup. Hale and Sev were a bit busy fighting to prevent human extinction yet people get mad because the didn't show "feelings" or showed off they're amazing personality lol. Maybe that's why they put Capelli as the Lead character in R3. Although Capelli showed alot more personality it didn't exactly click with fans.

To the point, NATHAN HALE IS A BADASS. Anyone who's reached the ending of R2 will know that. You don't need "personality" in your character, you don't need to "relate" to your character, you need a character with sexy yellow eyes (lolz) who can make an alien pop into a nice red mist with the flick of his hand.

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iamnsuperman2256d ago

Desmond is quite an important character. "It doesn’t help that his historical alter egos are such memorable leads in themselves". Desmond is the character who brings these wonderful adventures together into a logical structure. In a way he isn't really the main protagonist in any of the games because time and space needed to be spent on going back to the wonderful locations. He is just one of those necessary, but boring, characters and there is nothing really the AC games can do about it as he has never been the main character in any of the games.

Fylus2256d ago

The only thing important about Desmond is that Nolan North plays his voice.

WildArmed2256d ago

Honorable mentions Altair? I disagree XD
Same w/ Hale.
I liked the character of Hale, a gritty military soldier.. who didn't say much (if anything) in R:FoM. Had alot of mystery around him in the first game. Thou the follow ups (R2/R3) didn't really add to the character.

thrashermario2256d ago

SEV is my favorite, I always use him on uncharted 2 and should be on all stars battle and Hale too

Fylus2256d ago

Since Radec is in it, I'm sure we'll see Sev too. And Hale, I'm almost positive will be too.

I really really hope so at least.