Taco Bell Giving "Unlock the Box" Entrants Another Shot?

8bitfix writes: "How many Taco Bell $5 boxes did you guys eat? I know I could not have possibly had one more, in fact after my epic binge on Taco Hell I had to wait for a 3 month cooldown timer until my stomach could even handle another Crunch Warp Supreme. Good news for those of you who, like me, sacrificed your waistlines for a potential Vita win."

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Regent_of_the_Mask2198d ago

"How many Taco Bell $5 boxes did you guys eat?"

0 cause I don't eat garbage.

Sony's Subway contests were better. Teaming up with Taco Bell is just ass backwards.

typikal822198d ago

Have you tried a Double Decker with a Doritos tacos shell?? Soo awesome

jeeves862198d ago

Being a food snob on the Internet is so cool.

falcon2622198d ago

One of the most idiotic ways to do a contest is to put the CODE ON THE FREAKIN BOX WHERE ANYONE CAN SEE IT. This had employee theft all over it from the very beginning.
This should of been a scratch off or a generated code on the receipt.
Twice I received a "Code already redeemed" after picking these up from TB. Never Again.

ScubaSteve12198d ago

employees weren't allowed to enter the contest or else they could get fired. samething for mcdonalds when doing the monolopy

jeeves862198d ago

That doesn't mean that they couldn't sell or give the codes to friends who would give the prizes back to them.

The disclaimer reads "friends and family of TB" but it's easy to get around that, particularly the 'friends' bit.

ScubaSteve12198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

@ Jeeves86 that sucks never thought of that.