E3 2012 Microsoft Press Conference Preview- VGutopia

James Pungello and Andrew Nino of VGutopia take a look at the Microsoft press conference and talk about expectations for the show and how Microsoft can come out on top.

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AngelicIceDiamond2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I was wondering if somebody was going to come up with speculation article about MS Press Conference. I just wanna see allot of games get shown off even though they could be third party. And I really want MS to show off there rumored new Ip.

At the moment, nobodies really expecting MS to make a big splash at E3 with 2 less than E3's so far, MS needs to bring it.

pungello882316d ago

Yeah we are hoping for a good amount of game footage from the conference but CoD and Halo will probably be the main attractions.

IM_A_MARVEL2316d ago

In fairness, this late in the gen it's probably not that important to them, at least not like it used to be. They've done the hard work, got a big install base and now they're looking forward. Although it would surely be reasonable to expect some kind of decent IP reveal for the 360, if only to help ensure sales of the game's next gen iteration with fans already in the bag.

I'm not expecting a big E3 from Microsoft but I am holding out for a surprise in some form or another.

AngelicIceDiamond2316d ago

Yeah, its just worries me, So far all of MS exclusives and new IPs are stated to be Next gen or rumored to be at least. Its not too, too, late for something new, I want those Ips now rather than later.

ChunkyLover532316d ago

I expect a solid but not spectacular Microsoft E3 conference. I didn't mind the past two years shows because I have a Kinect and wanted to hear about some games for the thing. I also liked the new Xbox 360s model that was announced two years ago.

Forza Horizon has peaked my interest, looking forward to anything with Halo 4 in it. Steel Battalion and Fable The Journey are two games I am really wanting to see as well.

I'm sure Microsoft will have Bethesda up on stage with the new Skyrim DLC, which the Xbox 360 will get first. Maybe some Minecraft DLC as well?

There is the rumored reboot and new IP from Microsoft Vancouver, which is slated to come out for the current Xbox 360.

Everything else I'd suspect is next gen. Looks like Lionhead is working on a next gen MMORPG, though we might hear about Fable 4 for next year sometime. Rare is working on multiple next gen core games as well.

I don't hate on the Kinect stuff too much, its kind of like the Sony presser in that, when they show Vita stuff, which I don't own a Vita, I usually just grab a soda or something to eat. Same with Nintendo and when they show certain things that I'm not interested in.

I guess it all depends on what your into.

whoyouwit042315d ago

Why do every body keep saying sony will have more exsclusives
for 2012 these are the confirmed 2012 360 exsclusives

Halo 4
Forza Horizon
Fable: The Journey

and they will announce more at e3, but other then play station all stars what confirmed exclusive do Sony have for 2012. all I'm saying is wait until e3 to compare exclusives why Sony may have more announced exclusives over all but will they be 2012 I mean people are talking like they know Microsoft isn't going to have anything to show when the source that said they wont focus on games at Es was Micheal pacher, but Phil Spencer some one who works at microsoft with a important job say they will show new ip at e3 is irrelevant, I don't understand you people.