Customize your Diablo 3 hotbar with 'Elective Mode'

GameZone writes, "At first glance, it looks like Blizzard almost dumbed down Diablo 3, simplifying it so much that it only lets you slot certain skills into certain hotkeys. The major problem with the current setup is that it doesn't allow much room for creativity. Are there plenty of combinations with this format? Certainly, but for an advanced Diablo player, it's somewhat limiting. Enter Diablo 3's "Elective Mode"."

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NegativeCreepWA2250d ago

Its funny how many people don't know about this. Every PC game I play the options are one of the first things I check out.

Psychonaughty2250d ago

Thank you for this, the game just became 10x more awesome :)

kostchtchie_2250d ago

ooh interesting, this actually pretty good, nice find